42 thoughts on “BEST FRIEND ROASTS MY OLD INSTAGRAM PICS! | Morgan Yates & Adrienne Finch”

  1. you should do a roast video where you watch your really old videos from your channel! and do it with jeanine too

  2. This was so funny! Can't lie though when Adrienne was "roasting" you for your 'preppy phase' I was thinking about how much I actually liked that style! hahaha

  3. "can we stop pulling up photos of the two girls I don't make videos with anymore" hahahha dying, I remember watching TFG back in the day! Much love Morgan!

  4. This is y I’m 17 and I don’t have any social media. Jk it’s cause my dad won’t allow me cause I have to earn it or something

  5. Also idk y I’m saying this but I just wanted to state that half of my school literally skipped school. I’m not joking my lunch period usually had like 630 students probably less than 300. Senior and junior parking lot practically empty 3/4 of my classes had 1/2 of the students absent. The lowest number of attendance was 9 present students out of 21 and 8 present students out 12. Full crowded hallways were not crowded at all. Honestly I thought it was so hilarious how many kids skipped. I mean the school let them do it it was the schools fault.

  6. Both your videos were so funny! 😂 Adrienne’s pics were def more cringy! Love you both though! 💗

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