Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen and today we’re starting off summer the right way today We’re gonna make these delicious grilled Greek style marinated chicken breasts. I can’t wait to show you how these all come together We’re gonna make a marinade it’s a Greek style marinade and that just means that we have been influenced by the Flavor profile of Greek food or the food that comes from the island of Greece So these are gonna be very strong delicious Mediterranean flavors and I’m gonna be marinating several chicken breasts that Rick is gonna grill and We’re going to use this as a basis for a week’s worth of meals all a little bit different But all using this Greek style marinated chicken and it’s gonna be an awesome way to plan your menu throughout the summer and Everyone’s really gonna love it. So what we’re gonna start off with is a 1/2 of a sweet onion that I have chopped So that’s about a cup 1/2 a cup of lemon juice 1/2 a cup of white wine vinegar 1/2 a cup of olive oil This is a light olive oil because I have a bottle hanging around that I need to use up Otherwise use extra virgin or if you don’t have that just use whatever vegetable oil you have on hand Also 1/2 a cup of water because we just want everything to blend together nicely We’re gonna use 2 to 4 cloves of minced garlic about 1/4 of a cup of fresh dill quarter of a cup of fresh chopped chives I have about a tablespoon of agave nectar If you don’t have a ghave nectar you can use brown sugar maple syrup or honey a teaspoon each of salt and cracked black pepper a Tablespoon of Dijon mustard and a tablespoon of dried oregano if you have fresh Oregano growing in your garden go ahead and use it use about 2 tablespoons if you’re going the fresh route So this couldn’t be any easier. We’re gonna pop all of this in the ninja blender So there goes our lemon juice our chives our dill our garlic oregano salt and pepper agave nectar Dijon mustard I’m gonna put the rest of our liquids in goes our white wine vinegar or olive oil and our water and we’re gonna blend Okay, we’re done blending and I got my chicken already I have about three pounds of chicken breasts that are boneless skinless, and I just have them in a ziploc bag I have filleted them. So they are like butterflied in half lengthwise and I’m gonna give this marinade just a little bit of a taste. Oh That’s good, and I’m just gonna pour all of it on my chicken this is the perfect amount for that now remember once you use this you Won’t be able to use it for anything else. You’ll just have to discard it after you get your chicken marinated so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna Pop it in here It’s fully covered you can see We have good coverage on the chicken and I’m just gonna let this hang out in the fridge for the rest of the day and Rick is going to go ahead and grill this and we will be back and we’ll show you what these look like Our chickens been marinating for about four hours or so I don’t know that I would do this overnight because there’s a lot of acid in that marinade and You don’t want it to start cook the meat So just you know do it in the afternoon and then you’ll have it ready when you’re when you get Moo and grill is ready even if you only marinate this for an hour It’s gonna be delicious and we’re just gonna throw these on the grill and then when they’re ready to bring inside I’ll come back and I’ll show you what they look like there. You have it our grilled and marinated Greek style chicken breasts all ready to go. This is just a few of them. We did a full tray I know you’re gonna love this it’s gonna make cooking quick and easy for all of your summer menu plans because when you have chicken like this ready to go in The fridge the possibilities are endless and with summer and the warmer months coming up It’s always great to have options that are cool whether they require little to no cooking You just throw together a really beautiful cool meal and everyone is happy. That’s how you make these If you liked today’s video Please consider giving me a thumbs up if you’re new to my kitchen and you wandered on over to see what was happening Welcome always a pleasure to have new friends. Join me. Be sure and hit that subscribe button and as always if you’re Tried-and-true member of the Noreen’s kitchen family be sure and hit the bell notification button so that you will get a push notification On your smart device or a message in your email box every time we upload a new video Because we don’t want you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope you give these greek-style Marinated and grilled chicken breasts a try sometime soon, and I hope you love them and until next time I’ll see ya. I’ll see ya


  1. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time. I to like to marinate chicken. I let it cool then I vacuum seal them and freeze them very moist that way

  2. I always watch your new video first before all my others that I watch!! You are the one that started my love for youtube over tv. thanks

  3. This marinade sounds super yummy, Noreen. Grilled chicken is so good, and you are right, so many quick meals to make from it!

  4. Love this. Your videos always make me hungry you have helped me make dinner when I have never knew what to make. Whenever I'm struggling and I dont know what to make for dinner, I just go to your channel and my siblings have enjoyed all of it!! Your just an amazing cook! Thank you so much for all these amazing videos!

  5. Never saw somebody using dill for a grilling-marinade, will try that for sure. Really like your description, that you want to catch the flavor profile of Greek cuisine with that recipe. Greek food we know as very satisfying when you are really hungry.

  6. This is a great recipe! I’m excited to try it. Do you have any suggestions for keeping the chicken breast from drying out after you’ve grilled it?

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