100 thoughts on “Best Hot Dog Ever! – Cooking in the Forest”

  1. I don´t ´know whats better, the cooking or the place…
    Where in the world is that beautifull forest…?
    Man!, the waterfall…with crystal clear water…

  2. Entre tanta belleza de la naturaleza este hombre va y se pone hacer fuego para hacer un video la verdad es que es algo que no se puede entender

  3. You just made a frikin awesome "choripan". Chori (chorizo) – Pan (bread). In argentina we don´t call that a hot-dog because we only use Vienna sausage in hot-dogs… we call that a Chorizo and we only cook it in the barbecue or "parrilla", not in iron pan. Like I said… that choripan looks amazing!

  4. Goodbye Food Network,and every other cooking show,this man runs circles around all of you,and no dialogue or music,just MAGIC..Thankyou

  5. Just tell me which country you’re from coz I see you cooking Italian , Mediterranean, American and Spanish!! Like seriously!! No words to describe you but “ torture “ yupe… your torturing me..!!

  6. Wow…suddenly all that money put into my kitchen to make it beautiful has been ruined by this free beauty. Suddenly cooking in my what I thought was beautiful kitchen will never be the same. And how come my dogs don't look like that? Is there any left?

  7. I'll never be able to enjoy a hot dog again, unless it's made like this. By any chance sir do you know any place that makes em like you? Preferably in a forest by a waterfall with buttered brown sugared onions. Thank you.

  8. una maravilla excelente !!!!!!! (an excellent marvel I'm watching all the videos little by little but sure)

  9. What's with the onion chopping and the way you grab things so slow by the way you handle food you must not have friends look at you in the forest all by yourself cooking with nobody that's depressing

  10. Everything was good until he brought out the baguette, That's the worst bread for any hot dog or sausage dog.

  11. Your cucumbers homemade too? A proper 🌭 hot dog doesn’t all that crap on it. WTF young onions ??

  12. That ain’t home -made mustard… And ketchup has no place on a hot dog. Some broke ass east Europe fuck teaching a Chicago skin how to make some red hots

  13. Superb videos you deliver for the ultimate food porn experience. You had me until the ketchup. This is a battle especially in the USA. Where I’m from ketchup would NEVER be paired with a hot dog or sausage- Sacrilege!!!! I’m sure I’m in the minority but that’s amazing keep your artisan ketchup for another feast!!

  14. The only hotdog I've ever seen that deserves to be served with a bottle of fine wine or champaign. Let me at it!

  15. I almost thought I was watching food porn show. Lol. I'm sorry just had say that. Look sooooo damn good. I'm hungry!!!

  16. الطبخ على الطبيعة شئ مذهل وهذا انسان جدا رائع لديه اسلوب جميل في الطبخ الحر

  17. What do you do with the ash on the sausage after you take it up? Looks awesome! Love your video's.. I have been subscribed for years!! Something unsubscribed me. Guess you tube stuff.. Just seen I was not on the list. I was wondering where y'all had been. I really only whatch my notifications..

  18. I would have clicked like if you hadn't have had pricked the sausage. I didn't click dislike tho. Im not a troll.

    Edit:- I couldn't do it…. i had to click like 💕💖

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