Best way to cook frozen chicken nuggets

Best way to cook frozen chicken nuggets

Frozen breaded chicken Take them out of the freezer and prepare to cook Wait! Do not use the microwave! Let’s try this again! Check those instructions: many frozen breaded chicken products are raw Wash your hands after handling Place them in the oven so they cook properly! Serve them up! Remember, many frozen breaded chicken products are raw Always follow the cooking instructions Food safety is in your hands! A message from the Government of Canada.

9 thoughts on “Best way to cook frozen chicken nuggets”

  1. So what, I cook a lot of raw things in the microwave, it's like the microwave cooks stuff or something, it's even healthier because the microwave doesn't burn away half the proteins and vitamins. But I was looking up how to cook them on the electric oven and this video kept popping up, no instructions on time and temperature, only "use oven" as if a child couldn't figure out they want to cook it in the oven (most people would use a frying pan anyway).

  2. Stupid. Pretty sure the reason you want to watch something like this is because you DON'T have the box…smh

  3. I rather use the Air Fryer. Its healthier and easy.
    Why did i said healthier?
    Because when you cook the nuggets, oil will came out of it (depends on what type of nugget your cooking)

  4. They said that place in oven so they cook properly
    And at home
    My nuggets remained frozen

    Because i did followed the instructions carefully

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