BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Easy Egg Fried Rice Recipe

BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Easy Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Hey, welcome to souped up recipes, today we
are making egg fried rice. It is an easy and well-known dish in all over
the world. There are thousands of ways to make fried
rice. But golden, egg fried rice is one of my favorite
ways! Precook the vegetables and egg white first. Heat up your wok. Add the oil and the egg whites. Egg white is really easy to stick to the wok,
it is better to use non-stick wok. Since egg already has a lot of protein, I
didn’t add any meat. If you want, you can add beef or pork here. After adding all the vegetables. Stir it for 1 or 2 minutes. Add 1/4 tsp of salt, give it a mix and then
set it aside. Mix the rice with egg yolks. I don’t know why the egg yolks color is
different, but it doesn’t matter. Just mix it until you don’t see white rice. Heat up your wok to high temperature and then
turn the heat to medium. Put 2 tbsp of cold vegetable oil and add in
the rice immediately. This is a little trick to help the rice not
to stick to the bottom since i don’t have non-stick wok.. Use your spatula to break down the big piece,
so the rice cook evenly. After a few minutes stirring, you can smell
the egg, also you can see that your rice is popping like this. That means you are doing correctly. Now it’s time for my secret ingredient-
I like to put a tbsp of rose wine. It is optional. I really like the rose fragrance mixed with
egg fried rice. Smells so good. And also it makes the rice a little soft. Let’s mix it with the vegetables. Add half tsp of salt and ground pepper to
taste. Give it a mix and you are done. And I can smell the combination of egg, spring
onion, and rose. Let’s try it.

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  1. I'm almost positive the orange ones are those "fake eggs" that are "genetically modified" not from a real chicken 🐔

  2. I have been cooking Chinese food for over 30 years. Done egg fried rice countless times but since doing it this way it has gone to another level. Absolutely superb method and so tasty. Have also found your other recipes to be just as good. Very good site and great recipes and tips.

  3. Hiya!! My daughter brought me here! ……but she doesn't know it. Lol She is addicted and studying your authentic cooking. So fun for me to plate her. She be like "OMG!, This is …" Chuckle. "Yes I already know!"

  4. The colour of the egg yolk usually indicates the diet of the mother chicken. The strong orange usually indicate the high vitamin A from the mother's diet. The pale yellow usually means the mother is nutritionally deficient.

  5. I have cooked fried rice for about 40 years – but I think that this will be far better than my old recipe! I'll try it your way! P.S. You are SOOOO CUTE!

  6. It bothers me to hear you say that you don’t have a no stick wok, but it seems to me that your wok is well seasoned and you don’t need a nonstick Wok. Sorry I’m a traditionalist and love old methods that have been tested for more than 100 years.
    Please stick to your WOK , it’s a very good wok . Thanks

  7. Wow amazing. I love that kind of rice too. I would of never thought of dipping in egg yellow. I had a korean friend who taught me alot of the recipes you share. But he never taught me that one.

  8. I think I may try this recipe with riced cauliflower instead of rice. It will probably go well with the crispy skin/slow roast pork shoulder that I made. Thank you for posting! 🙂

  9. Hey there! Great video! How hot should my wok be for the egg white and veggies, and then for the rice after that?

    I’m excited to try it out!

  10. Can u make salt and Pepper chicken wings please this is one of my favorite dish in a Chinese restaurant in san diego…if i can make this my son will love me more 😁


    (I share ingredients and recommended products there)

  12. I just got done making this and it turned out great! I normally have such a hard time making fried rice because the rice will stick to the pan but using this method it didn't! Can't tell you enough how thankful I am! I feel like a real pro chef. 🙂

  13. no peas, no cabbage, no wine, but I made this today and added mushrooms and coconut butter to it. Pretty good! I'd never made fried rice beforre

  14. got to know this thing about mixing the egg yolks with the rice first time in 40 years….!
    Absolutely amazing!

  15. …thank goodness…thank you so much …finally ive learned how to cook fried rice it the rice turned son would definetly giggle when i cook this😍😍😍

  16. In your recipe, Easy Egg Fried Rice, you didn’t mention the rice instructions. Is the rice freshly cooked, or is it “day old” rice? People say the only way to fry rice is to cook it the day before.

  17. This looks so good! So that you know the reason your yolks were different colors is because of what the chicken was eating before laying the eggs. When a chicken eats only chicken feed the yolks are pale yellow but when she eats bugs, protein and plants her eggs come out with darker and much more nutritious! Those were some great looking yolks you used!

  18. When I mix the rice with the eggs it doesn’t turn yellow more like a pale mushy colour. Is there something I’m doing wrong? The eggs are not bright yellow like yours

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