Bobby’s Brew Review – Spada’s Farmhouse Brewery

Bobby’s Brew Review – Spada’s Farmhouse Brewery

Down a country road and on a family farm, we found beer. Today we’re at Spada Farmhouse Brewery in Snohomish, Washington. So we’re here with Sarah at Spada Farmhouse Brewery. What sort of environment can people expect when come to visit you guys? Sure it’s a very relaxed setting. Kids are welcome, dogs are welcome… We have an outdoor area where you can play games or just hang out and listen to music. So, we’re here with John Spada. He’s the brewer here at Spada Farmhouse Brewery. John, what kind of beers are we going to be tasting today? I’ll run down the line for you guys here: This is our French Creek Saison, This is our lime saison that’s dry hopped with Simcoe. 3 Lakes IPA Peach Sour Cheery Sour This is our Rye Barrel Belgian Boysenberry Sour Plum Sour …and Hibiscus Saison What’s the alcohol percentage on the Belgian? That one’s 8.2 Aw, fantastic! These are my favorite. Belgian Dark Ales are my favorite. And, I like them with the high ABV. Really looking forward to this. I appreciate you having us. Thanks for coming out! So right here, we’ve got the full lineup of beers at Spada Farmhouse Beers. There are 9 beers. All of them sound super interesting. This is the French Creek Saison. Super light. Super Mellow. Super Drinkable. This is the fan favorite. This is the peach sour. It’s supposed to be pretty good. You how you can tell it’s good? Because there’s like some gunk floating in it. Woooo! This one smells sour. Did you just see my eyebrow twitch? I really like this one. The boysenberry is really tasty. Wow! When it hits your tongue it’s really sweet. But then almost immediately your tongue starts to curl. And that sourness sort of balances it out. This one’s the Hibiscus Sour. The brewer says this one’s more like a rosé. ROSÉ ALL DAY! So we just finished tasting the full line of beers at Sapda Farmhouse Brewery in Snohomish, Washington. I gotta say my favorite, of course, always…gonna be the Belgian Dark Style Ale. However, I don’t think it’s the best beer. Spada Farmhouse Brewery is super adorable. Bring your kids, bring your dogs. They’re inviting you into their family barn. It feels like you’re in their living room. If you ‘re a sour lover, this place needs to go on your list. So, make it a point to get out here. I’m Rob from Bobby’s Brew Review and For my full review of Spada Farmhouse Brewery, visit us online at Guys, we’re checkin’ out breweries all around the Pacific Northwest. We hope to see ya next time and at a brewery near you.

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  1. Sounds like a great day out. Would love to try a bunch of these. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future, just subbed.

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