Boondocks Kitchen

Boondocks Kitchen

(whooshing) – We offer really good craft beer and amazing food in a
very relaxed atmosphere where you can come and enjoy yourself and enjoy time with family and friends. My name’s Brian Hash, and I am the owner of Boat Town Brewing, and Boondock’s Kitchen, here in Phillipsburg, Missouri. Barbecue was one of the things
that we wanted to do well. And then I put in pizza ovens and have been making scratch-made pizza, and it’s been huge hit. – My name is Carl Jackson, I am the head cook, chief bottle washer. The sampler you start out
with a little pulled pork, and then I’ll put a little
burnt ends in the middle. Slice one of my smoked sausages, two of my wings, we’ll top that all off with a rib or the smoked chicken. Ends up being a little
over a pound of meat. Pizzas to me are kind of special. When people sat down and ate it, well they can taste the dough, they can taste the sauce, and
they can taste the toppings. One of my favorite pizzas
we do is the Pelican Pizza. I hand toss our crust, and then I’ll put on my fresh
sauce that I make every day. We’ll put just a little bit of cheese to hold everything together, a layer of Canadian bacon,
pineapple, put jalapeno. A little more cheese, throw it in our deck oven. A little bit of salty
from the Canadian bacon, the sweet from the pineapple, and then the spicy from the jalapeno, and it just all works together.

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  1. Love this Series of Videos. I usually end up using my mapping app to find out where the towns are at in the state. Just a suggestion you may want to add a little map of Missouri to the video production that identifies were the restaurants are located in the State. Thanks again – Great Series !

  2. I am like Christopher. Really do enjoy this video series. Born and raised in MO but now live in TX. Just a transplant from the Ozarks trying to take root in TX soil. This series brings me back home. I lookup the location of each one and make a note of directions, saved in my notebook so I can try each one on my trips back to the Ozarks. One sad note – I am near 80 year old and there are more places to go than I have time left.

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