Braai Salt Seasoning Rub Recipe Mix for Grilling South African Style

Braai Salt Seasoning Rub Recipe Mix for Grilling South African Style

braai salt seasoning rub recipe mix homemade for grilling steaks south african style braai wood charcoal meat hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m on safari in
the Eastern Cape of South Africa what we would call a barbecue the South Africans
call a braaivleis braaivleis braai comes from the south african word braaivleis which means roasted meat a
braai barbecue grill is cooked is done with wood or charcoal and rarely with a gas grill one of the
secrets to the good flavor of a braai is a braai rub mix or a salt mix the
favorite braai salt seasoning mix recipe from my south african hosts mix equal parts of
coriander dry mustard garlic powder salt and black pepper add a pinch of cayenne
pepper for an extra kick mix your seasonings together and store them in a
shaker now douse your meat steak
liberally with olive oil and the juice of a fresh lemon
sprinkle your braai season salt mix all over the steak meat make sure you cover every part of
the surface of the meat let the seasonings blend for one hour to 24 hours bring the meat back to
room temperature and you’re ready to cook grill it on the Braai your meat if you’re looking for some
different flavors for your outdoor grilling adventures try making a braai salt
seasoning mix from this recipe and get a little bit of taste and flavor of south africa learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

4 thoughts on “Braai Salt Seasoning Rub Recipe Mix for Grilling South African Style”

  1. Hey granny take me with u to travel haha please sub my channel
    Digging with RodCo/Krazy signals

  2. Cattle give us so much, we should all have a healthy respect for the food they provide. Gosh, i’m craving steak now. Thanx, granny!

  3. respect. I am from Alaska too, but feel like you are missing some key brai spice ingredients, notably allspice, clove and nutmeg. These flavors against coriander and cumin gives a traditional brai its uniquely African/indian fusion . South Africa was built on the spice trade to India, and its food culture is wonderfully influenced by it!

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