Braised baby potatoes (Algamja-jorim: 알감자조림)

(upbeat music) – Hi, everybody! These are potatoes. We are going to make delicious
Korean side dish with this. It’s called algamja-jorim,
braised potatoes. Nobody likes a lot of wrinkles,
except for these guys. When I see somebody
makes this algamja-jorim, how I judge this person
is a good cook or not is that I see, “Okay, how
many wrinkles you have? (laughs) “Okay, is it wrinkly or not?” Today, I will make it really
wrinkle, wrinkle chewy. Skin is wrinkly, braised with soy sauce. Inside is still fluffy. We are going to make this with
really simple ingredients. Get this, small, little babies first. Okay, these guys are one pound, one pound. I usually make two pounds,
but for you guys today, I will just make this only one pound. Okay anything just like, look at this, broken. Rinse this. This is my pan, 11-inch
pan. Thick pan is better. Medium heat. Add some vegetable oil. And then, just add this. And then, cover. This recipe is so simple. By the way, these days, a
lot of my fellow Koreans are watching my videos. I made Korean/English captions, so I hope that my Korean friends are just coming to see and then learn how to make
delicious Korean food. (laughs) Speaking Korean: I hope Korean captions are helping you make delicious Korean dishes. Five minutes after, I
like to shake these guys. 20 minutes, I’m going to cook. So every five minutes, just stir this. All sides is going to be crunchy. So soon, it’s going to be cooked fully, and I’m going to use just
one large garlic clove. You can mince or just
just like me, thinly. Thin strips like this. And then, let’s see these
guys are fully cooked. So largest guy, I will use this one. Let’s skew it. Yeah,
easily go through this. It’s well cooked. Can you see the skins? It’s look crispy. We need some salty stuff. I will use soy sauce. One, two, three. And turn down the heat. So I use soy sauce and
this mulyeot, rice syrup. If you don’t have rice syrup,
you can add brown sugar or white sugar, but this
one makes it really shiny. Three tablespoon. And garlic. Once we add all the soy sauce, you will see more wrinkles coming. Over medium heat, we are
going to braise this. Getting shiny and shiny. Really low heat and simmer. So oh my, beautiful, shiny! Turn off. And next, I’m going to add
one drop of sesame oil. Is it okay? (laughs) Add some sesame seeds. If you do this Korean food party, you can just serve this as a appetizer. Really, I will give you some
example, really pretty idea. Look at that! Really pretty, eh? So I did once and then people loved this. “What is it?” I said, “This
is a potato!” (laughs) Korean algamja-jorim. People
say that, “Wow, really pretty!” And then, they love this. And this is just as a side dish. What are you going to do with this? You are not going to throw away. You can chop up some kimchi
and with some hot rice, put it on the stove and stir-fry
with some hot pepper paste and make bibimbap. This is perfect. Again, so see a lot of wrinkles, this guy. Look at that. Isn’t he? Yeah, look at that. It’s
like a turtle shell. (laughs) It reminds me of turtle shell. (laughs) Okay, so hot. Mmm. I love it. If I love it, you
also love it, I know. (giggles) Texture of the skin is irresistible. Mmm, I used to make this
for my children’s lunch box, so whenever I make lunch box,
I make this algamja-jorim. They love it. Shiny stuff is
never gone until lunch hour. Lunch box when they open,
this is still shiny. Today, we made algamja-jorim.
Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye!

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