Braised Carrots & Kale Pesto Couscous Recipe

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Jerry James
Stone and in today’s recipe, we’re going to make a
wonderful braised carrots that goes over this
delicious bed of couscous that’s been tossed with a kale pesto. Let me talk about that pesto first. I love the kale pesto
because it’s much more nutrient-rich than the basil pesto and I always feel like
I should eat more kale. It’s really great for that. Super healthy, super tasty, but let me show you how to make it. We’re going to start off
by braising the carrots ’cause that’s the hard part. Gonna melt some butter. Get that kind of melted and going. While that’s melting, we’re gonna prep our carrots. You can trim off the tops, you can even trim off
the the ends if you want. I kind of like the roots on there, I think it kind of gives it that farm look but that’s just me. Look at these carrots. Beautiful, all these different colors. These are heirloom carrots and the thing that is really
interesting about it is, we actually used to eat all
these different colored carrots but then someone decided, hey we should only do orange. But now we have all these colors again. It’s like a United Colors of Benetton ad like right there in your dutch oven. Go ahead and just toss those carrots in. Saute them, get them nicely
coated with the butter, and turn up the heat a little bit because you wanna kind of make
them a little tender before we get to the braising part. We’re gonna go ahead and add
a little bit of sea salt. Now we need to get our garlic going. We wanna peel off that garlic. We’re gonna smash it. You don’t have to dice it or anything, you just need to peel it because with the braising liquid, all those flavors are gonna come out. Now we’re gonna add in our broth. Go ahead and add that
garlic into the dutch oven, and now we’re gonna turn up
the heat a little bit more and just bring it to a boil. Once it begins to boil, turn it down to a low
simmer and then cover them and cook them for about 10 minutes until they’re fork-tender. So, while those carrots are braising, we’re gonna make our couscous. Get that water boiling but don’t add the salt
until it’s actually boiling. If you do, it can
actually damage your pan. Once the water’s boiling, go ahead and add in that salt, and then we’re gonna add
in the pearl couscous. Now, if you’ve had a couscous salad and you’re thinking
this looks nothing like the couscous that I’ve eaten, like what the hell? It’s because this is actually Israeli couscous or pearl couscous which is actually a little
bit more like pasta. Cover it up and we’re
gonna turn the heat down and just let it slowly
simmer for about 10 minutes until it’s really nice and tender. While those carrots are braising and the couscous is cooking, we’re gonna make our pesto. Just go ahead and tear up that kale and add it to the food processor. Add in a little bit of sea salt. Go ahead and add in the pine nuts, and then add in your olive oil. Puree that until it’s all nice and smooth. So, those carrots are probably ready. Go ahead and just remove the
carrots from the dutch oven and what we’re gonna do is
just bring that sauce to a boil to reduce it a little bit. We’re gonna take the couscous
which is also probably ready, fluff it with a fork, let
it dry out just a little bit ’cause there’s gonna be
some liquid in there. Then add it to the mixing bowl
along with the kale pesto. Toss the couscous and the pesto together. That braising liquid’s probably ready now so go ahead and remove that from the heat. Now, we’re ready to plate everything. Go ahead and put a nice layer of that pesto couscous on the bottom, top it off with those beautiful,
braised rainbow carrots, and then drizzle a little bit of the braising liquid over the top. Maybe some chopped parsley
and I think you’re good to go. I really love this recipe. Easy, simple, tasty, and delicious. I think you’re gonna love it. Please try it out and let
me know what you think. Just drop a comment and say, hey that was great or if you like this video,
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