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The day started out cool and cloudy, and
I decided since my chard was to perfection in my planter, that I would
make braised greens southern style. So, stay tuned! Chard is one of the most
nutritious vegetables and from my experience is one of the most pest-free.
so I love growing chard. It’s also a great container plant to grow if you
have a small space garden, or just a balcony garden. Grow some chard in a pot
and this will offer you a lot of nutrition. The other way I like to use
this is to put it in my vegetable juice and that way you get the nutrients raw
and fresh. But, now we’re gonna make some comfort food. In the interest of time
I’ve got all my ingredients ready except for the chard. And if you’ve never worked
with chard or big greens, collards before, this is the way I do it. I just cut the
ribbing right off the leaf like that and I chop up the stem, or the ribbing, and I’ll hold them separately to cook
separately. The way I do the leaves is I fold this over make a slice down
there and I just make big ribbon slices. And since my arm is not working all that
well, I’m not doing this as carefully as I might. Okay. Now, I’ll prepare the rest
of the chard and we’ll get started. The reason to remove the ribs is because
the rib takes longer to cook and the greens take much less time. Now in the
South, they cook greens for hours but we’re not gonna do that. So the rib goes
in before the greens. Okay, we have all of our ingredients assembled: this is the
loosely chopped leaves of a pound of chard, these are the chopped stems or
ribs, I’ve got a chopped onion and this is the Texas rose garlic that I just
harvested on Thursday, I’ve got about four small cloves here, you can add more
if you’re a garlic lover, this is a half a cup of bone broth, you can also use
chicken broth, and this is three slices of chopped organic bacon. This is a
quarter of a teaspoon of red wine vinegar and this is an eighth of a
teaspoon of pepper flakes. Frst we’re going to fry the bacon over
medium heat in a large soup pan. We want to fry the bacon until it is
crispy. I turned my back for a minute and this got a little hot. Now, we’re
adding the onions into the fat and the bacon. I’m gonna cook the onions until they are translucent. Almost there. And because I cannot resist, I
like to put a little bit of coriander in almost everything. And now the onions are
almost clear, and I am going to add the garlic. Oh, that is pungent, and saute that
for two minutes. Now at this point, I put in my chopped
ribs. I’ll sautè that for about two minutes.
At this point, we’re going to add the broth and deglaze the pan. We need to
bring the temperature up so it starts to boil and then you scrape off all the
bacon bits that are on the bottom and that just gives the greens a great flavor. Now we’re going to add a good pinch of
salt and put in our greens. You may have to
work in two batches if your pot’s not big enough. But these cook down, really cook
down. At this point, you turn the heat down to
low, you cover it and cook it for 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Hey, this looks
great! Now the vinegar and pepper flakes you
add when you serve it. If you love hot pepper you can go ahead and put the
flakes in while it’s cooking and the whole thing will taste hot. Now you want
to wait for it to cool down just a little bit, so the flavors meld. I can’t
wait to try this. I’m just going to add a little bit of vinegar and a pinch of
pepper flakes. Okay, here we go. Let’s try this. Oh that is so good! It absolutely melts
in your mouth. I can’t imagine cooking that for two
hours, but I know I remember my mother cooking green beans for hours. Both of my
grandparents had farms, small farms, and one grandfather raised hogs. And he even
had his own smokehouse right beside the kitchen garden, and he would smoke hams
and bacon. And I grew up eating bacon every single morning of my life. Mm, mm, that is so good. Thanks so much for watching this
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