braised chicken in soy sauce / family eating show MUKBANG / 황금 레시피 안동 찜닭 가족 먹방

braised chicken in soy sauce / family eating show MUKBANG / 황금 레시피 안동 찜닭 가족 먹방

hi, everyone today, the fodd we will eat is Braised Chicken in soy sauce! From now on, we will start cooking. first chicken and potato Let’s drop it. let’s drop all kinds of vegetables What is big sister’s favorite vegetable? bok choy and onion pumpkin spring onion be careful from now on, let’s sprinkle soy sauce what is this it is quail egg Why is quali egg so white? it is originally white I thought it was yellow. It is because it was cooked with smoked. So let’s pour the broth this time. then Now let’s boil until the sauce is well soaked. Let’s put glass noodles before the water boils. The braised chicken dish is going to be completed. braised chicken? That’s the name of this dish. what is this green one? it is bok choy its korean name is cheonggyeongchae it is chinese cabbage I like this food, and am I Chinese? right no i am korean noodles is cooked through. There is rice cake in this dish. Let’s boil it a little more. the dishes are completed, let’s eat thank you for our food today chicken rice do you want glass noodles? chicken quail egg bok choy carrot and potato tell me If you want to eat something more This is the taste i have eaten somewhere. how is it taste? so delicious little baby are you? I eat two slices of kimchi A while ago, but it is not spicy at all really? The rice cake is chewy and delicious. me too How about meat? it is delicious too Is the rice cake the best? big : yes little : yes little sister eat rice cake very well i ate rice cake all do you want more rice cake? where is quali egg? here~ thank you~ Dad, did i ate well? mom, I eat better than I used to. sister, This is your favorite, bok choy. try this I can eat all night. this kimchi is square shape. sister why i have square shape kimchi too An oblong shape of kimchi. i ate kimchi all shape of kimchi Here kimchi you want. yes here i will give you want wait, I have not eaten yet. eat slowly i ate all My family had a delicious meal today. next time, we will come back for more joyful meal bye bye

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  1. Hey i am your new subscriber
    Love your family sooo much
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  2. 今日は『静かに食べる日』ですか? お肉と野菜を醤油と砂糖で甘辛く煮ると、ご飯に合うんですよね🍚🐔

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