Braised Kimchi Stew 김치찜 – 🇰🇷 KOREAN RESTAURANT FOOD

Annyeonghasaeyo~! We are here, right outside of Hongdae Ipgu Yeok In English, it’s called “Hongik University Station” And this general area, I think many people already know, is called Hongdae And…
Exit number? Yeah, sorry… Exit 8 Yeah, so we came out Exit 8 to eat because we were actually in Japan for one week And we had an amazing time, we ate a lot of delicious food, but now that we’re back in Korea We really wanted to eat…
Kimchi Jjigae or Mugeunji Jjim Yeah, essentially like some really delicious Korean, spicy, traditional
Spicy… yum yum yum Like.. UGGHH… just satisfy our Korean food craving! So we heard there was this really good Korean restaurant like very close to Exit 8 like within walking distance and we’re going to go check it out Here we are… we have Kimchi Jjim, it’s kind of like a kimchi stew, similar to kimchi jjigae but a little less water, it’s more concentrated You can see, there’s like basically one whole… they call this “pogi” One whole thing of cabbage here, maybe it’s a half… I don’t know But anyway This is kind of the shape it’s in when they make kimchi, so it’s not even cut up yet And… we also have… some tofu and some pork, it’s really soft
Mmmm hmmm I like how simple it is, yet it’s really delicious… it’s going to be delicious Sorry, I said it’s delicious, but we haven’t even eaten it yet, but the smell is awesome! Well, we already have an idea that it’s going to be pretty awesome In Korea, you probably may have seen in other food videos, that they use scissors a lot in the kitchen to cut things So… I’m going to grab one here So we cut this up to make it easier to eat Wow! That kimchi looks awesome! Yeah… this is aged kimchi, so you can think about it like wine, or… what other things are good aged? I can’t think of anything… Cheese… Yeah, wine and cheese So.. fermented, so it’s like Mugeunji? Yeah, it’s called Mugeunji, it’s a special kind of aged kimchi
Aged, fermented kimchi I wonder how old it is… I have no idea Sometimes there like 2 to 5 years old, or even older than that But the flavor is great
It may look a little awkward with the scissors here… cause I don’t have a Korean mom, so I didn’t watch this be done, like while I was growing up I started learning from the time I was, you know, in my mid-20’s, so… …everything related to Korean food is slightly awkward hehehehe So in it Korea, it’s polite to serve whoever you’re with instead of serving yourself, it’s kind of rude so I’m going to go ahead and serve Marie here And he might just do that for me anyway, because he loves me, not just because of Korean culture Yes… you are right Let’s get some dubu (tofu) in there some nice pieces of mugeunji some soup Yeah…
That looks great Here you go!
Mmmmmmmm Yummy yummy yummmmm I’m going to lower this heat a little bit Yeah, we don’t want all the broth to boil out Alright, so we have our bowl of rice here Marie, what do they call this in Korean? “Gonggi bap”
yes and… ah, what was nice is that they gave us this “service” it kind of deflated now but earlier you can see the amazing footage of it boiling and this is gyeran jjim, and it’s steamed egg… anyway, it’s deflated now It’s kind of like an omelette with nothing in it
It’s like scrambled eggs, but not scrambled Mmmmm The thing about mugeunji is that it’s spicy, but it’s so much more full of flavor like you can get some kind of sort of vinegary, sort of sour, sort of sweet
I love that. This is really good And I think I can taste a little bit of ginger in there too It’s really yummy! And even the texture, is different from kimchi that hasn’t been aged It’s like the cabbage’s cellular structure has broken down so it kind of like almost melts in your mouth, right?
Yeah, exactly. I’m going to go ahead and grab a piece of this pork and you can see that it just falls apart so easily I’m barely touching it, and it’s just like crumbling apart. It’s like amazing, soft pork I’m going to get some pork, and put it on my rice.
Get some mugeunji, and put it on my rice. You’re making the perfect bite I’m going to get some dubu, and put it on my rice. and then I’m going to use my spoon to get some soup there
…wow put it on top collect it all that’s pretty big Yes, alright
Wow Is your mouth big enough for that? This is baby bite size…anyways…yummy! Let’s do it! Wow I’m so glad we came here, like, instead of somewhere else perfect spice perfect sourness of the mugeunji that pork…Mmmm it’s like dissolving in my mouth I’m happy! I’m going to drink some of this broth Oh god, that’s so good I could like drink this if they sold it in a store Like a beverage…. I’d be like “Give me some of that broth.” Mmmm me too “Give me some of that kimchi jjim broth.” And one thing you can never really neglect with Korean food is the side dishes “Banchan”… so what we have here we have 4 dishes
yeah this is regular kimchi, not aged kimchi and then we have a, it’s like, sliced up radish I guess and with some spicy gochu karu (red pepper flakes), kind of like kimchi and this one is kongnamul, so it’s bean sprouts bean sprouts, I love that and some seaweed as well Yeah, so, always gotta have the banchan Wow, we are stuffed! I think I need a nap I feel like my body is balanced again Yeah… yeah! That’s actually very good, my body does feels balanced Japan has such great food, we had really, really delicious lunches and dinners and stuff but we just NEEDED to fulfill that sour, spicy, Korean food, kimchi addition and… 김장독 (Kimjang Dok) definitely delivered One thing I’d like to say is like this is just a very normal, local place we were one of the first people in it, before the lunch rush
yeah so at first, I was kind of like “Oh hey, where is everybody?” but the place because very full once we were in there It’s just a kind of place that normal everyday Koreans eat at for lunch when they’re, you know, out during the work day There were 4 office guys that came in, and they sat down after us, and they powered through their lunch in like 5 minutes and then they left. I was like Wow! That was super fast! True Korean style Fast lunch We’re going to give the description on how to get here in the description box down below plus information on how to find this, a map, and a lot of other stuff, so don’t forget to check that out Ok guys, thanks for watching our awesome lunch video We hope you really enjoyed Don’t forget to subscribe, like, uhhh share this video if you want and when you’re here in Korea, stop by this place and check it out See you in the next video! Bye!!!

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