Braised Red Cabbage Recipe | Episode 8

Braised Red Cabbage Recipe | Episode 8

nothing.. nothings happening… felt like I punched you… i’ll drink this later hi everybody my name is Alexandra Napoli and this health coach TV the show to watch if you want to learn to love yourself with you slide into your skinny jeans so I’ve got my pops here ready to help cook you excited to be here? Dad – I’m excited always always good to spend time with you darling A – what are we making D -today we’re going to make braised red cabbage fall is a wonderful time cabbage is one of the things that everywhere this time of year we’re going to use half a head of cabbage some red onion nice tart granny smith apple red currant jelly and juniper berries red wine vinegar a little butter bay leaves and chicken stock very little bit of sugar and cook it up for an hour or so and we’re going to have braised red cabbage take off the outer leaves and then we’re going to A – chop it up D – gonna use half a red cabbage take out the stock nobody wants to eat the white center slice up strips A – it doesn’t seem like very much cabbage D – oh honey this is enough cabbage for probably ten people A – that’s crazy D – the recipe that I’ve been following for years calls for 1/8th of a head of cabbage to serve four people were using a half a head of cabbage and we think it will serve at least 10 probably with some leftovers so that’s first ingredient red cabbage we’re going to use a red onion because it keeps the color pallete in the A – in the red family the red family i guess A – so this will be a very colorful dish to add to your table D – that’s an excellent point you’ve got probably white mashed potatoes you’ve got white turkey breast and you add color A – that’s an aggressive chop A – *roar* into the bowl? D – no no we’re going to sautee the red onion in some butter and then we’re going to add the cabbage the Apple and the other ingredient A – it’s powerful burning me *the onions* oh my gawd D we’re going to put some butter in our dish A – woah! D – it’s a propane gas so hot A – we have about 1 tablespoon of butter in there and we’re gonna sautee our onions. what’s the end goal of sauteeing? D – the idea is that you’re softening your onion you’re getting A – it’s like melted already we sautee the vegetables so they’re sauteed? D -they’re so soft, paletable A – I was hoping there is one fancy word that would describe it D – done A – done, done is a good word D – if we want raw we can call it a salad next ingredeint we’re going to do we’re gonna peal a granny smith apples we’re using the Granny Smith because it’s got a nice tart flavor A – so if the red cabbage is sweet than the tartness of the green apple is a good counter balance D – gives you contrast A – apples in the pan safety first D – we we’re going to cook that about five minutes then we’re going to put the red cabbage in the original recipe that we got called for 3 tablespoons of brown sugar we’re going to put 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and it’s even less than the original because i find most recipes ask way too much sugar sugar helps, suhar is a wonderful extender flavers and it makes things palatable A – but if you have too much of it then you just get a really sweet dish which isn’t exactly what we’re looking for D – yeah each tablespoon of sugar is equivalent to about 28 grams a can of cola is about 40 grams to serve 10 people just over 50 grams of sugars so that’s one coke and a little bit and it’s going to serve 10 people A – and then we’re not drinking any soda cause you don’t need to drinks soda D – ok so we have a couple of minutes to soften up the apple and red onion mixture we can now put in our A – beautiful red cabbage I can’t believe this feeds 10 people D – oh honey it’s is going to be leftovers at turkey time we’ll give it a couple more minutes while we’re doing that why don’t we get the rest of the stuff ready couple of tablespoons of brown sugar to when you’re ready to serve it when everything is all cooked up this going to go on the other the flavors will be melded together that’s when you taste it and then you add a little more salt pepper and or a little more sugar we’re going to need about six ounces of chicken stock just under a cup of chicken stock really nice red currant jelly we’re going to put 3 all of it jelly A – if you didn’t have red currant jelly because I feel like red current jelly is a little bit obscure could use other jellies? D – I guess you could A – if you did use something like strawberry maybe you can just use even less sugar than we did because strawberry jam probably has a lot more sugar D – okay so one tablespoon of this has 12 grams A – but they don’t distinguish between how much of it added sugar how much of it is natural sugars D – then we got three tablespoons of red wine vinegar A – 3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar D – a couple of bay leafs and then juniper berries i’m going to put about 8 of them in here to get the flavors going to need to crush the berry A – 8 or 9 slightly crushed juniper berries. and so you can buy these at just a grocery store? D – specialty stores A – so to your whole mixture you’re gonna add 1 cup of red wine is there any particular red wine that would be better? D – cooking wine A – the cheaper the better, it’s not really true D – stir it up let it come to a simmer on top of the stove and then we’re going to put it in our preheated oven A – so that’s it for the stove top so we just kind of get anything going on the store and put it into the oven for 45 minutes D – mhm we usually do it the day before Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving the oven is full of turkey so you try to get this kind of stuff in a position where you’re cooking it reheating it after the turkey is out and resting A – you want to show then what it looks like before you put it in? D – ther eyou go, one wrist, it’s just it’s just red cabbage A – it looks exactly like it did before we started cooking it D – yup we’re just going to turn up good here get a little more heat so the oven doesn’t have to work as hard A – the oven’s not even on dad, you trickster D – now we’re going to put it in the preheated oven A – into the super hot oven, come here so it’s in the oven cook for 45 minutes and then we’re going to check on it D – that’s the point we’re gonna add a little bit of salt pepper and or sugar to make it just the right to taste that you want A – sweet so while it’s in the oven go do outdoor activities and spend time with your family because it’s thanksgiving! D – red cabbage right out of the oven just a gorgeous color A – the red cabbage is fantastic you’re gonna love it your whole family’s gonna love it it’s pretty easy to put together a very easy to cook you seen a couple of fancy ingredients D – and the leftovers freeze remarkably well taste the same when thawed out and heated up again A – enjoy happy thanksgiving to all thanks for being here today D – happy cooking D&A – happy thanksgiving

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