Break-up Pasta – Aglio E Olio – You Suck at Cooking (episode 14)

Break-up Pasta – Aglio E Olio – You Suck at Cooking (episode 14)

It’s gloomy out, which makes it a good day to make breakup pasta. Breakup Pasta is a way to end a relationship when you’re a giant coward, like me. The breakup pasta we’re going to make today is called Aglio E Olio. It sounds like a made-up word, But it’s actually a real word from a made-up language called Italian. It means oil and garlic. So, you’re going to need, yknow.. So you can start by chopping up a few cloves of garlic. It’s a lot of garlic, but.. I’m not afraid. Are you afraid? Get your pan at a low medium heat, throw in some olive oil, add in the garlic. Just want to cook it for a few minutes- get it nice and soft and golden. Not brown and crispy. Go ahead and add in some chili flakes.. I’m taking a wild guess here.. Let’s get that pasta cooking. Ow, that’s hot! Not even sure what i’m using here to stir this. There’s a really simple way to cook pasta perfectly every time you don’t need to test it by flinging it against the wall, hitting it with a hammer, slam it in a door, you don’t need to to measure its elasticity, or ask a crystal ball if it’s ready or see if it can lift a 25 pound weight – you certainly don’t need to wang jangle it. You only need to do one simple thing Follow the instructions. The engineers at the pasta factory tested it out at least two or three times to find the perfect boiling time So you know, try to have a little respect. I’m going to stop right about there. The oil and garlic go into the pot with the drained pasta And we’re going to mix that around. Now you’re just going to put some on the plate grate some parmesan, add a couple flakes on so it looks better, a touch of pepper pepper pepper… And we’re almost ready for the big event. Set the plate aside and write down the thing you’re too afraid to say. Fold up the paper then hide it inside the pasta Now you’re ready. [Girl] I can’t afford the amount of paper it would take to list all of your shortcomings, so instead. I’ll just say goodbye, peace [Girl] Are you breaking up with me? Yes. [Girl] Oh… [Girl] Well, thank you for the delicious pasta. You’re welcome. Bye. [Girl] Bye. ♪ You suck at cooking oh my God ♪ ♪ you ♪ ♪ You suck at cooking oh my God ♪ ♪ you ♪ ♪ You suck at cooking oh my God ♪ ♪ you ♪ ♪ You suck so much ♪

54 thoughts on “Break-up Pasta – Aglio E Olio – You Suck at Cooking (episode 14)”

  1. I'm 23 seconds in and his pronunciation of "aglio" is already too much for my Italian ass 😂

    (It's "AL-yo eh OLE-yo" not "AGG-lee-oh ee OLE-ee-oh")

  2. ……you aren't supposed to put the water down the drain. Without the pasta water you don't get an emulsion, so you don't get any creaminess.

  3. I wanted one of those magic ball things so bad when I saw it on TV at like… 8 years old maybe lol I still want one

  4. why do all these videos have sad undertones if you dont see what i mean name 10 out of 90 something episodes that dont end up being sad

  5. I saw a Gordon Ramsay ad before this video which just made the whole thing seem 10x funnier, especially the subtle “youuuu suck at cooking, youuu suckk” at the end, thank you for this video!

  6. I nearly died at 01:49 A TOUCH OF PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER xD you're funny 😉
    Will definitly check other videos if you're like this most of the time i'm subbing.

    Dont know how I got to this video in the first place, but I'm glad I did 😉

  7. I was told to do about a minute or two lesser than the written instructions on the pasta packet because it cooks with the sauce too, so you don't overcook it that way. For other recipes involving sauce

  8. if anything was shortcoming it was the dish.

    Oil and garlic in a pan.
    Salt the pasta water generously.
    Cook the pasta to 70% (little before al dente, white dot in the middle).
    Don't drain the pasta but grab some tongs and put it straight into the pan with the garlic and oil (on lowest heat, or no heat).
    Mix it around thoroughly and add a bit of pasta water if it gets too dry.
    Add a whole bunch of chopped parsley.
    Salt to taste.
    Good squeeze of lemon.

  9. Boiling point is based on own experience of it. I mean, the time indicated on the package is a guide line, after that you can taste a piece of pasta before you take all of it from the bowl. Technically the boiling time depends to type of water you have, brands and own taste (someone prefer more "hard" and others more "soft").

  10. I wish that """"chefs"""" stop making crazy recepies with made up ingredients that I will never be able to find/afoard like girlfriend….


  12. ok not sure if you actually trying to teach how to make a dish, but u cook at sucking indeed and u do everything wrong. cheers

  13. Dude , that's too much garlic. Usually it should be one piece every 2 people. Secondly, if you want it "al dente" remove it at least 1 minute before the indicated time and don't let the garlic burn. Another advice, Just put the pasta in the pan and let it mix. If you want to get pro, remove the pasta halfway the cooking, put it in the pan with some pasta water and let the boiling finish in the pan.

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