Brewed By The Sun! | Mad Mole Brewing in Wilmington, North Carolina Installs Solar

Brewed By The Sun! | Mad Mole Brewing in Wilmington, North Carolina Installs Solar

Welcome to Mad Mole Brewing, home of great beer and 22 kilowatts of solar, designed and installed by Cape Fear Solar Systems.
Mad Mole has 63 solar modules powering everything from lighting, to the brewing
tanks themselves. So when you enjoy a beer from Mad Mole, you can taste why
brewed by the sun is mole better. So, Mad Mole Brewing is just a really small brewery in Wilmington. We just wanted to be kind of a local hangout spot, a place for
people to go and and have fun with their friends and talk and enjoy some
good beer. The Wilmington brewing community is fantastic. We are friends
with all the other breweries in town, we all help each other out, it’s it’s been a
lot of fun to start a brewery in this town with so many great people around us. We heard about Cape Fear Solar Systems and we decided that we were interested in doing solar since we’re an
electric brewery and they were one of the leading suppliers of solar equipment
in Wilmington, North Carolina. A lot of people ask about the solar array on top of Mad Mole Brewing and I would say it’s always good feedback, they’re really interested in
how it works and everything because since we don’t have a battery it’s kind
of people don’t quite understand it and so we have to tell them
how it feeds back into the grid and all that sorts of stuff and how our meter
runs backwards and stuff so it’s a little confusing to people at first. They
really have started to understand how Cape Fear Solar installed the panel’s and they
really come to like it and I think it’s a great marketing aspect as well. So our experience with Cape Fear Solar Systems has been fantastic.
They’ve been very responsive, very easy to talk to,
they’ve always delivered what they said they were going to deliver, and it’s just
been a great experience. I’d love people to see Mad Mole as charging after the innovative and best beer we can possibly make, as well as a
family-friendly scene that people come and love and get to know us and get to
know our bar staff and something that they really enjoy coming and hanging out
here and feel like it’s their second home.

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  1. Nice profile. Need to make it to Wilmington to check them out. Are those SunPower P-series modules on the roof?

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