Brewing Alumnus Taylor Quill

[ Music ]>>I’m Taylor Quill. I went to the Brewing Technology and
Beer Stewardship program at DCTC. Initially I went because I was growing hops and
I wanted to better be able to sell my product, and during interning I was able to land a spot
as Assistant Brewer at Lakeville Brewing Company and have since moved up to Head Brewer, and
I use quite a bit of the things I learned in the course, mostly yeast health, some of
the stuff that we learned during that module, and a lot of the mashing techniques
is something that I use a lot, too. Best thing about the course was, I guess, the
camaraderie between all the people in the class. On brew days, everyone was having a great time. I still talk to friends that were in
my brew group almost daily and we kind of throw different brewing ideas
around and that kind of helps with the overall process here
and at their place of work. What I love most about my job would
probably be the freedom of my schedule. Since I have a few other projects going, I’m
able — if something comes up, I can run, do something on the hop farm and then
come back and finish what I’m doing here, as long as my work’s done,
and, I guess, just making beer and making people happy day
to day is pretty awesome. [ Music ]

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