Brewing some Dead Ringer IPA by Northern Brewer (One Gallon)

Brewing some Dead Ringer IPA by Northern Brewer (One Gallon)

Hey guys, welcome back. Today I’m going to be brewing some Dead Ringer IPA from Northern Brewer, it is a one gallon recipe. That’s the great thing about Northern Brewer; if you want to try something out and you just want to say, “Hey, I don’t want to spend 40 dollars for 5 gallons that I potentially might not even like, you can go ahead and get the one gallon recipe. So today, like I said, Dead Ringer. This is apparently a clone of Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale, which is an absolutely fantastic. In your kit, for 10 dollars, it’s pretty cheap, You get your steeping grains, four packages of Centennial hops, two seven-gram packages and two 3.5-gram packages. Your dry ale yeast – you can also get the liquid yeast, it’s like 6 dollars extra. It doesn’t really matter, dry ale yeast has a pretty good range of temperatures. You can ferment your beer anywhere between let’s see here fifty nine degrees to 71 degrees (Fahrenheit) so it’s not too bad Gold malt extract, everything comes with it. I got my sanitizer set up and I’m about ready to start sanitizing my equipment I’m not going to show you that whole process because it’s pretty mundane There are plenty of videos on that, so look them up make sure you have everything cleaned I’m also going to be using my Mr Beer keg, since this is a one-gallon recipe I don’t want to pull out my 6 gallon fermenter bucket; that’s kind of pointless. Mr Beer was my starter and I’m going to use it for this guy and before we get anything else started, you know the drill. to make homebrew, you gotta have a homebrew. this, I made five or six weeks ago It is an Irish Stout That doesn’t look very well carbonated… Might have gotten a dud. It’s not too bad All right, and we shall return! All right, so far, all we’ve done is sanitize everything; I’ve got my grains in the mesh bag right now I’m going to turn on the heat to this guy. Not too far, maybe about a 6, and get this going to a boil. This is about 1.25 gallons of water Some of this is obviously going to obviously boil off Let’s stick this in here and start steeping our grains It’s pretty cold water. And while that’s going, I’d say about 10 minutes or so, or until it reaches 170 degrees. So we’ve got to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t go over. Otherwise you start getting flavors that you don’t want in your brew. So, let’s get that going and I’ll be back again! It’s been a little over 10 minutes grains are done steeping the water’s a little over 100 degrees right now we’re good there. Beautiful color! Now, let it sit for a little bit longer get it to a rolling boil we’ll add our malt extract, which you see I have right here I have it in warm water to get it easier to flow So I don’t have to mess with it I like to warm it up, get that done. and as we add that we are also adding our first hop addition which is 3.5 grams of Centennial
centennial and we’re going to boil that for about 20 minutes and go from there. So, when we come back, we’ll be getting this stuff going. all right, guys, we are at a rolling boil. I’ve turned it down just a little bit on the heat Add the malt extract Going to add this stir at the same time so we don’t burn to the bottom of the pan, I’ve done that. It’s not a good thing. Continuously stir. smells fantastic You want every ounce of this don’t be afraid to dip it down in there and get a little bit of the hot wert
other give it a shake it’s steaming hot, so watch yourself. pour it back in and there you go. clean that puppy out. All right, that’s in. Our next item is our 3.5 grams of Alpha 9.5% Centennial hops and we will add this in there for the full 45 minute boil which officially begins right now That’s in, and it smells fantastic Turn the heat back up and star our timer now. Let’s see here I think it’s the 25 minute mark we add our second addition
condition oh, sorry, 20 minute mark. So with 20 minutes remaining we will add the other 3.5 grams 5 minutes remaining we will add 7 grams and at the end of the boil, once we turn it off we’ll add the last bag. better at the second three-and-a-half grams of centennial ops what’s going to be ste now wait fifteen more minutes here for a little if i don’t work statute at seven grams of the city of us std right and i will be back with the final
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because i have a good time and thanks for watching

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  1. I recommend you take the pot off heat all the way and remove it from the burner, even with a little flame, the malt can still scorch. Just a tip from a HomeBrewer. Cheers mate!

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