Brewing Up A Successful Business

– I started out in the military. Joining the Air Force
through Air Force ROTC. When I was a student at
Louisiana State University. Earned a commission there and started a career that lasted 23 years. Along the way I met my wife. Traveled the world. Spent 12, 13 years overseas. Which built a spirit of appreciation, not only of other places, but of where we came back to. (upbeat rock music) Knowing for years that we were
coming back to western Ohio. We were coming back to Coldwater. It’s my wife’s hometown. It is the place that we’ve chosen to see our kids off. To give them roots. So it really wasn’t a question
of where we were going. The question is, what was I going to do in Coldwater Ohio after 23
years of being in the Air Force. So I looked for something
that I enjoyed doing. I’d been a home brewer for years. Little bit of market research said “I think that would go over
well here in Coldwater, Ohio.”. Then it was just, now that we had our, what we were gonna do and
how we were gonna do it, we found what we were gonna do it in. – And they started out with
wanting to buy an old barn. And Jack approached us and we
were able to make that happen. And then his next step was
to renovate this old barn and turn it into a beer brewing business. And we were very fortunate
to be part of that. – It was a natural fit
for us to talk to Chris about the opportunity for what Citizens National could help us with. And, despite being friends,
he didn’t go easy on me. As far as making sure that we
had a viable business plan. And that the chance of success was high. – I think Jack and I worked
on that business plan, probably for about a year. Back and forth. And this is when he was working at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. A little more difficult
to get ahold of him. Colonel Jack Waite was a pretty busy man. So, to get ahold of him, and to work through this business plan over the phone was a bit of a process. A lot of evenings on the phone. But eventually we got that whole mashed and worked together to get to this point. – Working with Chris for the
last year has been seamless and every product that
we’ve been able to use, between the checking, direct deposit, online banking and now a home loan, has been just right for both Tailspin and for our family first of all. (upbeat rock music)

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