Building A Brand – Defining The Customer, Episode 2

Building A Brand – Defining The Customer, Episode 2

We’re here today because our first session
of the part of the creative process is kind of developing our brand more
clearly, and coming up with like a new look and all that stuff working with
blind. Why you know? This is working and it just seems like it’s a lot of money
and it’s a lot of like work. I’m just gonna sit back and relax and watch you
crash and burn. This is blind, a brand strategy design
consultancy based in Santa Monica, California. Since 1995 Blind has used the
power of design to help diverse clients reach their customers and stand out in
the marketplace. In this series you’ll get a rare glimpse behind closed doors
and see the process of rebranding a company from start to finish. This is
building a brand. In our last episode we introduced you to Josh and Kristen
Hamilton owners of Hamilton family brewery. They have engaged blind to help
them rebrand their business in hopes of expanding beyond their tasting room into
more restaurants, bars, and other retail. Today, Josh and Kristen have traveled
from Rancho Cucamonga to Santa Monica to sit down with Ben and Matthew for
discovery. So what is a discovery session? A discovery session is a facilitated
meeting with the clients or stakeholders. Sometimes this can take a few hours.
Other times it could take a few days. It depends on how big the scope of the
project is. In this meeting we define their goals we identify the challenges
that are getting in the way we look at their users or customers and understand
their pain points and challenges and then we spend some time talking about
their brand attributes how do we do that well we ask questions we challenge their
assumptions and we surface the most meaningful insights so we could package
that up and put that together in a strategy moving forward Ben and Matthew
have led plenty of discovery sessions but even with experience you can still
have jitters for the facilitator which is which is my role today it’s kind of
like this 8 hour speech so right now I’m a little nervous but I’m also pretty
confident because you know I’ve done this a bunch of times before so it’s
kind of like this this weird mix Ben had the opportunity to go sit down with the
owners at the brewery prior to this so you can understand what they’re all
about a little bit more I’m coming into the session with very fresh eyes and as
a facilitator in the strategy session that’s something that I will use to my
advantage because then I could really be very curious and extract the things that
you know we’re gonna sit down with the two partners husband-and-wife duo and
we’re gonna learn about their business some of their challenges our current
challenges is trying to find a way to communicate clearly in our packaging
into everybody outside of our tasting room what we’re all about because we’re
gonna be moving more to distributing our product it’s gonna be on shelves a
little further from our hometown where our hometown crowd gets us that you know
they we’ve shipped their hands in the tasting room we’ve made connections
there and that goes a long way with them but now it’s gonna be a can of beer
sitting on a shelf that someone’s gonna need to connect with they’re ready to
grow as a business and part of that is rebranding adjusting their messaging all
kinds of stuff that we’re hoping to unearth some of that today surface some
insights and figure out where they can go from here
there’s no roadmap for entrepreneurship or for business
there’s no step-by-step direction so our job is to help lift that fog a little
bit when we’re in Discovery it’s trying to figure out the the business goals and
really understanding the customers and understanding the brand when we move
into designing things it’s how do we impact how do we help him on that
journey with the things that we make everything is about lifting that fog for
the client and in this case I think Josh has a great end goal I think he has a
great vision of where he wants to be and it’s up to us to help get him there how
are you going to define our engagement as a win what are you looking for out of
this that’s a good question there’s like a vibe you get with beer or something
that I don’t know how to express it but when you see like an old can of beer you
might think of your grandpa or something and I’ve always kind of wanted to have a
sense that we were older than we were because it’s a family brewery that’s
maybe why our a logo looks so maybe detail there out I don’t I don’t know I
don’t know it’s just going for too much or something yeah yeah so you want you
want you want to simplify but you still want to maintain the history the
heritage the heritage yeah the first question Ben asks is what Josh’s goals
are for the day communication both to his customers
his team is a big part of it but his biggest goal is distinguishing Hamilton
as the people-centric brewery the first brewery I went to I was all excited I
was already in love with beer had been trying a bunch of different ones and I
had the worst customer service experience I think not just at any
brewery I’ve had but almost in my entire life I asked for I was getting a barrel
aged barley wine and then a little taster of their pal L for her because
she hadn’t had any of this breweries beer and the guy said you want a taster
of Pale Ale and then rolled his eyes went ahh and poured it and then
literally threw it at me across the bar like I was annoying him I remember it’s
like walking away like I felt assaulted I was I just paid you for that
experience and like this was it was gross you know the beer was good but
that only went so far for me because I felt like I don’t care if I’m drinking
liquid gold right now and I’m gonna poop diamonds later like you just like you
was through this at my face and I was getting a beer from my wife and we were
there with our little girl she was six months at the time and that was there
wasn’t really any uh it wasn’t really child-friendly I would say so our first
negative experience or my first experience in Umbria I was like gosh man
like this is not what I imagined breweries worth in my mind when I was
still in the you know just backyard brewing and if I could start a brewery
what it would be like and it would like basically like our backyard our house
like you come over the process is happening I hear your guest that whole
idea of hospitality and being hospitable and bringing people into our space like
actually including them in our lifes was huge we wanted to do that on the home
front but also bring that into our business and we like started really like
looking at other not just breweries but other businesses and seeing how customer
service was so big but it like it really made it was a make or break thing for a
lot of people so if I can recap I mean the business was born on a passion and
you want to communicate that you want to separate yourselves from the herd of
trendy snobbery that’s kind of circulating around beer right now and
you’re really looking to connect with people
and families around something as common as one of the most important exercises
in discovery is identifying your customer base so it is better understood
what kind of behaviors are driving sales for this Josh and Kristen will define a
few typical customers including one kind they would like to engage more okay so
let’s talk about the beer fanatic you said that and I immediately kind of
grabbed on to that so these are the guys that are in the tasting room right yes
yeah and then out of the business as a whole what percentage of the revenue is
dedicated to these people from the tasting room standpoint I would say I
would say 70% maybe and they’re the guys who will bring their friends who come to
the bar and they say like I don’t like beer and I’m like here try this one like
oh I could drink that you know kind of thing so they’ll bring their friends
because they’re like preaching the craft beer gospel to him like come try
Hamiltons we’ll find something you’ll find something you like there you know
and then if not you can be my DeeDee you know but I would there shoot I think
it’s the difference between like a beer fanatic like oh I love beer then like a
beer snob it like Kratt like a craft beer there might be groups to more
clearly define so you have people who love drinking beer regardless of where
it comes from and they’re a decent percentage but then you have people who
love craft beer specifically and they’re they know like what big breweries are
sold out and they won’t drink them anymore you know and I saw Bush bought
that beer I’m done with them even if the products good and then you have like
this knob I would say so when we look at that where we’re looking at three
tasting room customers the beer fanatic the beer snob and the brewery enthusiast
and we see those three ORS I think that’s I would say good the brewery
enthusiast is the person who just wants to drink at a priority the beer snob is
the person who’s coming like more inquisitively like what’s this place
about is it turtleneck and then yeah yeah yeah the pinky up and stuff yeah
they’re very yeah I just feel like they’re like I feel like we got a lot of
just like the everyday Joe’s like the the family man and I would put them in a
museum to drink at our place yeah then the beer snob that would be
more on the foodie side right no I mean sorry I mean to jump in on the meeting
snob is talking nobs diving into like the the profiles of our
ideal customers was I think it was hard in that moment if you don’t know who
your customer is you won’t know where to find them and so by profiling our users
by profiling the customer now we’ve shown some light in the darkness of who
these people are where to find them how best to talk to them all right so we
have a female brewery enthusiast yeah let’s let’s name her Chelsea that’s
gonna go Jessica oh I was gonna say Jessica – let’s go Jessica
I just feel my breath I thought and I was like that’s a really like do we know
it Jessica no okay there we go so the how old is she I would say 30 30
or 35 maybe 40 no I would say like low 30 young so 25 to 35 do you want to
range in you want like a specific number I never give me a number how old is this
one this woman thirty thirty on the nose you don’t go 32 32 32 years old
okay is she married half the time no I’m saying cuz I feel like half of half of
this half of this yeah gosh it sounded bad did you say that this person is like
a professional or more like this stay-at-home mom tape well it’s it’s
hard cuz I see both you know I see the stay-at-home on tight and I see the
professional what do you see appealing more this is is this this is a
professionally driven environment or is this a family environment or family yeah
mm-hmm okay so she’s probably a stay-at-home mom
yeah mm-hmm okay so I’m gonna put that stay-at-home mom alright so how many
kids does she have two to three two kids so we’re constructing some
the person we want to get to we want to get to it sounds like this this brewery
enthusiast is who you want it’s the ideal customer but it’s also reflective
of your current customers which is an alignment that we don’t see often so you
kind of have to pull from your experiences but also bridge the gaps or
you don’t have that information I honestly I would see this this person as
someone who maybe have like a starting job somewhere that they went to the
probably college educated they went somewhere to get experience and then now
with kids they’re probably doing like some kind of side hustle on that’s cool
he or something like that or or the lulav role or so so they’re still
working trying to make it work that is very common in Rancho culture to have
her mom’s have a side hustle okay um what kind of brands does she buy where
does she shop for groceries um probably sprouts and Trader Joe’s Target
what is her household income anyway actually the medium is like seventy four
households any thousand for a one yeah well for a single mom probably fifteen
well she’s married she’s married okay so yeah seventy to eighty oh yeah okay so
I’m put seventy-five another reason why these user personas that we develop
during the exercises today why they’re important is because we actually use
them as a filter and a reference throughout the entire process so as
you’ll see as we go through the design process
we’ll always check back on our personas and say would this be appealing to
Jessica our user types of everything that we design we kind of filter through
these user personas to make sure and keep us in check as we design throughout
the process from the managing feedback side of things it’s also fantastic to
have these user profiles because a lot of times when somebody sees something
somebody sees a piece of work they react emotionally out of personal preference
and it’s really helpful to say hey remember we’re not designing this for
you we’re designing this for Jessica do you think she’s gonna like are we ready
to construct another person from the ground up ooh this is so fun you don’t
like you know like hurt the name sue Curt continuity girl her name hurt I
think from me putting myself in Jessica’s shoes was a lot easier than
putting myself in Curt shoes um yeah I want to lift Curt’s life yeah I don’t
got it he’s got it mate I don’t know and this guy at all hey who’s right here
girl I want to get to know all right so let’s dig into this guy how old is he
I’d say like 35 yeah okay 35 years old is he married no no doesn’t have too
much luck with the ladies oh no he’s got a drinking problem he’s
don’t he hasn’t found a lady who adheres to much he spends too much I think he
has a girl he has a girlfriend Oh does it pay online but he doesn’t
know if he’s been catfished no I was kidding
so he’s got a girlfriend does he have any kids is this his has he ever been
married yeah we’re gone this is like this like
the most informed like person we met I don’t know I don’t know too many of them
that do you have kids or that are married so I would say no yeah couple
girlfriends okay is the college educated I would say
so yeah yeah where do you go to school probably a local college I’d imagine is
it a community college or like a university this this is this is probably
gonna be outside of Rancho yeah so because the community of beer snobs in
Rancho is probably pretty small yeah people that would come back to Rancho
though or like come to Rancho or order online order online or trade and stuff
so these are people outside of art so I would say yeah college educated probably
think before your college okay so what does he do probably in the tech issue
techie yet smarter smarter with computers anything maybe he’s an
engineer there you go yep so how much does he make then
because it sounds like if he has money to spend on the finer things yeah he’s a
tech engineer yeah I don’t know like mega hundred sure okay so he’s this guy
is either living in San Francisco Austin LA New York where is he in the
world yeah I would say probably the big the bigger city type stuff yeah Ellie
yeah well there yeah sure are you want to go for like no LA would probably be a
good one for our purposes here yet okay so he’s an engineer for a tech company
he’s pulling in 100k a year which isn’t that much to live in LA to be honest
right he might have to be making more maybe like hundred twenty would be 120
yeah yeah like that’s out of our league well I’m starting to understand this guy
the more we talked about him at lunch and stuff like that and I don’t think he
is out of your league because he’s looking for that edge that nobody else
has he’s looking for the gem mm-hmm like the double mango nobody’s doing that
right you guys the only ones doing that yeah we were I’ve seen more and more
mango beers popping up but no with real mangoes okay so he’s he’s he’s kind of
after that edge about the rest of the beer stuff yeah because you can get like
see art and you can just tell it’s Total Artificial there’s a few places and do
mango beers that it’s like oh that’s just basically Jolly Rancher flavoring
you know so it tastes like to the novice it may be like wow this is all this is
alcoholic mango juice and like we’re very careful to make sure it still
stands up as a double IPA but also has some mango characteristics so it’s a
fine line to walk but I haven’t had very many if any that do it as well as we do
in terms of both mango and beer presence don’t be humble about that okay
everybody else sucks at it there you go despite the laughs success is not always
easy to come by with every exercise this is where the discovery session shines
brightest by forcing the client to really think about all of the aspects of
the brand that will help a designer or agency create a new identity
they will clearly an effect communicate who they are one thing that
I like the view is ask okay what brands regardless if they’re beer brands or not
what brands do you feel like capture a similar voice or a similar look to what
you guys are going for so we’re just gonna dig right in and the way that we
do this is we’re gonna ask you some kind of defining questions in five actually
four prompts that are pretty distinct so we’re gonna kick things off with what I
think is the easiest one which is look and feel so this new brand that we’re
creating for you how do you want it to look how would you describe it okay so
it’s gonna be weird cuz it’s two things that don’t go together I want there to
be like a weathered miss to it that it seems like that so that it communicates
like quality art not not traditional because I want to be I want to be modern
but I guess a like quality or reliability right I like the idea of us
seeming older than we are consider the Heritage there’s yeah there you go yeah
so a family brewery that maybe didn’t even start with me was passed down it
was it was older it’s in the blood syndrome family but that despite that
were not like staying away from modern trends or modern beers but we’re not
throwing away our identity every time something new comes up which I seen a
lot of places do they’re like oh the cool thing is neon colors and cats
flying through space let’s throw away everything we’ve built
and only do you need on colors and cats flying through space and so I want to be
sure enough and who we are and what we’ve done and what we do that right so
it’s not trendy as what I heard on that part I would say so I mean I don’t like
that’s that’s my preference that’s is this is and I think if we’re gonna be
called a family buri there needs to be some kind of stability there holy
stability but like I don’t wanna neglect as it was varying trend and like popular or like I don’t know how to
define that because I don’t want to like I don’t want to not follow the trends of
the beer industry you know like if there’s like a new style of beer like I
want to be ahead of the trend honestly well this is this is really just how the
brain looks so if I look at the Apple logo for example I would say hey Apple
is a really modern clean brand yeah Matthews better he has better visual
vocabulary than I am but we’re really discussing how the brain looks yeah and
don’t edit yourself yet I think right now like whatever comes to mind just say
it because what we’re gonna do at the end of this exercise in each of these is
we’re gonna look at the list and part as the top five I want something that
communicates like family would you say you know they call some yes yeah
describe welcoming like I think a lot of brands could be like you know very
exclusive like what’s that an example of a welcoming brand in your eyes and I
probed them three times throughout the throughout that exercise and they were
drawing blanks at that point Ben had pulled inaudible
and just said hey let’s just all stand up let’s go do a brand new exercise this
is totally unscripted and let’s look at something that we’ve already created
because we have this big wall of brand style escapes that we’ve created for a
bunch of other clients before not a big fan of this I feel like this is
different than this and I think that is like more of like the welcoming
comforting thing that I like about that this is also very outdoorsy yeah yeah I
think that then you look at like there’s a really clean typography here paired
with some kind of stampy stuff I hear that that brings in the weathered yeah
you know more industrial feel it’s like really appealing even though it still
seems like sturdy and consistent so like we can have an adventurous stuff with
that kind of feel I was so nervous at that moment did you tell no I thought
you’re like I thought you had it in your back pocket like I planned this last
night and I knew this moment would come and now here it is that’s that’s the
aura that I got from you okay and you’ve been saving this no so it was
literally an idea that popped into my head like that moment sometimes you just
have to have something to react to visually instead of you know trying to
develop the words out of thin air I think once we did that exercise we got a
lot more clarity and I feel a lot more confident that we could go back to our
design team show them a couple things and show them the document and say hey
this is where we need to go and we’ll get exactly what we need out of that
process mm-hmm we’re gonna conclude this it’s part of the session I think that’s
it for the day yeah I think that’s that’s it I think we
should just talk about next steps real quick and then wrap up on this cuz if we
go back to our graph there at the bottom on 36 basically this all we did today
was this orange thing we did our discovery trying to pull all these
insights and what we’re gonna do in this next step is just refine all of the
insights that we’ve gained today so that we understand the look and feel which
we’ve already kind of done a first pass of the voice and tone how we sound and
then that will ultimately define our behavior like if this brand was a
personality how would that look acts and talk in different situations right so
those are things that we’re gonna evolve over the next couple of weeks and then
we’re gonna go back to the first couple of exercises on the the users and just
refine that a little bit right right now think it’s very raw we all need some
time a little bit to process we’ll bundle this all back up send this over
to you guys and then just confirm my cape now that you have some time to
reflect feel free to add or add anything or just confirm that this is a good
direction because this will be our Bible moving forward and for everything we
create after the meeting something I’ll
definitely be looking at differently business-wise is that the ideal
customers we created in that we created names for Jessica and courage yeah
there’s a lot of fun but now like I’m gonna be like looking like oh I think
that’s a Jessica or I think that’s a perk now I don’t even know if we like
even knew that that was even a thing yeah you’ve never done that because
every every customer is our ideal customer right totally I’m really
excited because I’m really like I really believe that we have like a good product
we have a good like passion and heart and I think once our customer learns
that I think they’re gonna be excited about it and so it’s just a matter of
communicating that to our customer yeah yeah I think I think we have a product
that deserves yes better representation yes no I’m excited I think like right
now there’s something missing that I think Lion King kind of fulfilled on our next episode ben and matthew will
assemble a team of designers and deliver the creative brief a collection of
information that will help the designers understand who hamiltonfamily brewery is
who their customers are and what Hamilton is hoping to achieve with this
rebrand this will be the designers jumping-off point to build style scapes
which will help to find the look and feel of the brand join us next time for
episode 3 of building a brand I hope you enjoyed this episode if you have a
question leave it in the comment section below and if you want to learn more
about brand strategy or the discovery process check out the links in the
description as always don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe because it
really helps us out we’ll see on the next episode of building a brand

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