Butter Chicken | बटर चिकन | Chef Ranveer

Butter Chicken | बटर चिकन | Chef Ranveer

Rolling! & Action! I’m making “Butter Chicken” You know what’s the most searched recipe world wide? “Butter Chicken” I didn’t know that! So I thought, when it is the most searched recipe, So Ranveer Brar has to share his recipe. So I’m gonna do a Butter Chicken recipe like how I do it, like how I learnt it. I learnt it from Ustad Gulam Rasool and I’ll show you that recipe. I hope you like it. In a pan, add tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, degi red chilli powder. In whole spices we’ll add, cloves, cinnnamon, bay leaf, & black pepper corns and then butter. We just have to cook a little. If it get’s the colour then will ruin the gravy. Because, the colour that you want in the gravy is not from the browning of the onion, It’s purely from the tomato and the degi red chilli powder. Green Cardamom. Butter Chicken has a lot of theories, conspiracy theories. The most common theory is that, at someone’s place, I won’t take the name. At someone’s place there was a lot of leftover Tandoori Chicken, so he got tensed that if I re-heat it in the Tandoor, so it’ll dry out completely. So, what should we do? He started tossing the leftover Taandoori Chicken, with or without the bone in some tomato sauce. In then later, due to tandoori chicken being dry, he started adding more cream, ghee and even butter for the richness. Now I’ll add water and after adding water, little more butter. I mean, it’s Butter Chicken. Add Ranveer add. It’s allowed here. It’s Butter Chicken after all. So, it’s the base gravy. Once the base gravy is ready, we’ll put our tandoori chicken into it. we’ll add leftover tandoori chicken. Ideally, old tandoori chicken is sauteed and added. Then it gradually indulges in the gravy and get’s interesting. But, If you want to do a fresh chicken tikka, do a fresh tikka and then put it in it. But, classically.. Butter Chicken was always a way of recycling. And.. salt. Butter Chicken is not a historical dish considering, India’s recorded food history is around 4000-4500 years old. Butter Chicken is around 60-70 years old. Because, tomatoes came late to India and secondly Butter Chicken is the post partition dish. That’s what they say. And just because it was a mild dish, so it became Chicken Tikka Masala and went to Britain. But it is a very recent dish in the Indian Culinary History. And sometimes, I feel weird that this recent dish has eclipsed the 5000 year old food history. Nice! So minimum 15 minutes. Tomatoes will get soft in 15 minutes and after that only it makes sense to blend. Now we’ll strain it. Okay! No Rocket Science! It’s a good beginning. The story has just started. They say it’s a good beginning! So if the beginning is good, the end will also be good. Butter In the butter, we’ll add We’ll start cooking as it melts. Chilli, little bit of coriander Saute it a little. Cream For the sweetness, many people add sugar, other’s add honey. I’m obviously on the honey side of things. Again, a lot of people will put Chicken Tikka, but actually, leftover Tandoori Chicken, just shred it and add it like this. Just shredded Tandoori Chicken This smells so good, let me tell you that. No! No! I’m not praising myself, it actually smells good. This is Chef Gulam Rasool’s way. I have just removed cashews from it. But the most intresting part that he used to do, he used to add just one drop of kewra water So, from this, you don’t get the aroma of kewra. But, the flavours get rounded up. So just one drop in like three portions. That’s all. Quick cheat. Wow! Look at the shine now. Beautiful! One last taste. Very nice! Toasted dry fenugreek leaves And we are done! There’s just one thing now. Because, Butter Chicken is made from Tandoori Chicken, so, it has a smoky charcoal aroma. Here we don’t have that smoky aroma, because, we had made tandoori chicken in the oven. So in the end we’ll just give it a smoky aroma and then will close the lid. The Punjabi inside me won’t be satisfied until I don’t add coriander leaves. So, I’ll add coriander leaves. Done! Okay! I am going for my “Butter Chicken” dinner. You enjoy! Enjoy as in.. Make yours and enjoy. Very Nice!

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  1. Sir aap dil ke bahut achche insaan ho .
    Aap aise insaan ho jis par easy se trust kiya ja sakta hai.
    Sir I want meet u.

  2. Par mujhe pata hai ki aap nhi mil sakte. Aap bahut besy rehte ho. But Sir apni life me main ek din aapse jarur milunga.
    Agar meri kismat me hoga to.
    Bye bhaiya.

  3. Omg…omgg…omggg…….i am a beginner in cooking and your butter reciepe is a hitt………thank you so much ranveer sir

  4. Great 👌👌👌👌😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  5. Sorry sir chota muh badhi baat,
    but without cashews i can't imagine butter chicken and richness in gravy never comes without it!

  6. What I can is that it is a unique recipe for Butter Chicken considering that he put honey and just one drop of the Kewra water, other than that it looks delicious you are certainly a chef, Chef Ranveer. 😀👌

  7. Would you have a reference for the food that India ate before tomatoes, chickpeas, potatoes etc made their way to our shores? Many thanks.

  8. आप के तरीक़े से चिकण 65बनाया था बहोत आच्छा बना था

  9. That punjabi accent of yours😍😍😍😍 is to die for… history that you tell nd your cooking👌
    Fan of yours since the day i saw you jn master chef

  10. Honey….. Crap… The best butter chicken is in Bahrain…. Ranveer, I have tried moti Mahal, pritam's Dadar Mumbai, havemore,

    Butter chicken is not not not on the sweet side…..

    Copper chimney Bahrain ( not the branch of copper chimney India) serves the best butter chicken….

    Authentication by original Delhiites and Mumbaikars who claimed to have tasted better butter chicken in india

  11. Hi Ranveer,
    Loved your receipe. I need some help with the spices , I'm actually cooking this for my American friends who have 0 tolerance to spice. Could you please recommend what spices could be added/removed so that it can fit their pallet yet get the same taste.

  12. hello sir, really like the way you explain things. I tried the recipe but after i chhaano the gravy, it became very thin, like soup. where did i go wrong. pls revert 🙂

  13. Is kal ki dish ne itni purani history ko eclipse kar diya. This is exactly what I feel when I see so many of our regional dishes losing prominence? Sir kuchh kariye. Series veries banaiye kuchh in dishes pe jo apne apne area ki butter chicken hain? Request hai bahut dil se.

  14. Chef, why do you roast ( or toast)the kasoori methi?
    If we dry roast any seeds, we can say we are heating up the oils in it and making it more aromatic.
    It's only dry leaf, percentage of aromatic oils in it is v less compared to seeds, so when we heat it up, won't the aroma vaporise?…I mean the flavor andthe aroma , won't it decrease on heating?
    Please explain.

  15. Please share recipe of tandoori chicken roulade in "RANCHER BRAR" Style… looking forward to your quick response…. plz 😁

  16. Total different
    mera tareeqa different hai zara
    I’ll try ranveer style butter chicken
    I think no need to add coriander 🤫

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