BUTTERNUT SQUASH | how to peel & cut + roasted butternut squash (2 ways!)

BUTTERNUT SQUASH | how to peel & cut + roasted butternut squash (2 ways!)

– Butternut squash is this
wonderfully curvy vegetable that’s delicious and versatile
in so many different recipes but it can sometimes be a
little intimidating to prepare. So today I’ll not only show
you how to peel and cut butternut squash but also
how to roast it in both cubes and halves and give you
some tips along the way. Then you can choose your favorite method and whip up some tasty
fall and winter recipes and I’ll share some of my
favorite butternut squash recipes at the end of the video. So without further ado, let’s dive it. Because butternut squash
can be notoriously difficult to cut you need to make
sure you have two things in your kitchen, a stable cutting board that won’t move around on
you and a very sharp knife. And even if you think
you have a sharp knife, it’s always best to resharpen
it again just to be sure. Now, there’s one way that
you can make your squash easier to cut and that’s to microwave it for a couple of minutes. The secret there is to prick
the squash all over with a fork before microwaving and when it comes out it’s easier to peel and safer to cut. But I’m not going to microwave mine today, as I know some of you
don’t have a microwave and I wanted to show you
that you can still enjoy this vegetable either way, you might just need to use
a little more elbow grease. The first way we’re going
to cut this butternut squash today is in cubes. So slice off one end, flip it around and slice off the other end. Then you’ll want to cut the bulb off, so you have two separate pieces. On mine it’s about halfway down the middle but yours may be different
depending on the shape and size of your squash. I find it’s much easier
to peel two smaller pieces than one large squash. So that’s why I cut it in half first but you can always peel the squash first, then slice it in half. It’s completely up to you. But either way the most important thing is making sure you have
a very sharp Y peeler. A Y peeler gives you a far better grip than a swivel peeler. So it’s my preferred
tool on most vegetables including butternut squash and
I’ll link my favorite peeler in the description box below. Once the squash is peeled,
it’s tie to cut it. Just stand one half on a
flat end and slice it down the middle, the bulb
end will have the seeds that we’ll have to scoop
out here in a second and the thinner end should be all flesh. Place the butternut squash flat side down and slice it into half-inch
to one-inch thick strips depending on how big you’d
like your cubes to be . I personally prefer
smaller cubes but that’s also because they cook faster. Then stack a few slices
on top of each other and cut it into cubes. (upbeat music) For the bulb end use a
spoon scoop out the seeds. You can discard the seeds or roast them in the oven separately. If you do roast them, just cook them at 300 degrees Fahrenheit
for about 15 to 20 minutes or until they’re golden. We’ll cut the bulb end the
same way by laying it flat side down slicing it into strips then cutting those strips into cubes. Once the entire butternut
squash is peeled and cubed you can transfer the
pieces to a baking sheet. Make sure that they’re in one single layer and not overlapping and
then drizzle some avocado or olive oil on the top and
sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then use your hands to make sure everything is
well coated and combined. But before we roast this, let
me show you the second way to cut butternut squash
and that’s in halves. The stem is super tough to cut through so you’ll want to the
same as we did previously and cut that end off first. Then you can cut the butternut
squash in half length-wise. You’ll see that even
with a big sharp knife this can take quite a bit
of work but I find that rocking the knife back
and forth also helps. And I try to cut through one side first then flip it around and
continue my cut down the other side until I’ve
made it all the way through. Use a spoon to scoop out
the seeds from each half and then you can roast these for a tasty and delicious snack. I personally love butternut squash seeds more than pumpkin seeds and I
think they’re more flavorful. So if you haven’t tried
roasting them before you should definitely give it a go. When it comes to roasting
the butternut squash halves, you can roast them cut side up or down but I prefer cut side down
as they don’t roll around on the baking tray and the flesh gets nice and caramelized on the bottom. So drizzle a little oil on
each half, use your fingers to make sure it’s fully
coated and sprinkle with a little salt and
pepper, then flip them over. Preheat your oven to
400 degrees Fahrenheit and since I’ve got both of these trays I’m gonna roast them at the same time. Individually they’ll take
about 40-45 minutes to roast but smaller cubes will cook
faster than larger cubes and of course, if you have
a larger butternut squash half it can take a few
minutes longer as well. About half way through
I’ll give the cubes a flip with a spatula, just to make sure all the pieces cook
evenly because sometimes those cubes on the outer
edge will cook faster than those in the middle. When the roasted butternut
squash cubes are done, they’ll be soft and tender
and some of the edges will start to turn more golden. And when the roasted
butternut squash halves are done, carefully flip
hem over with a spatula because they will be steamy
and hot on the inside. The edges will be nice and caramelized and the flesh will be so soft, you can scoop it out with a spoon. Now that you’ve mastered
the art of peeling, cutting and roasting butternut
squash, you might be thinking, hm, now what do I do with it? Of course you can enjoy squash
straight out of the oven with just a little a little seasoning or you can transform it into
so many different recipes. A few of my favorites include my roasted butternut squash soup, which is warm and nourishing
and my roasted butternut squash romaine and goat cheese salad, which is a lighter alternative. And next week, I’m posting
recipes for mash butternut squash which is a great side dish and a kale a butternut squash
frittata that I’ve been eating for breakfast on repeat. You can find all of these recipes and more on my website and makes sure you subscribe to emails so you don’t miss
them when they post next week. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did make sure to
like, comment and subscribe and I will see you
again in the next video.

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