CÁ KHO TỘ – Braised/caramelized catfish in claypot

Hi everyone! Today I’m braising catfish in clay pot. This dish is very significant for Vietnamese home meal. I wash the fish with the salt about 2 or 3 times until I don’t feel my hand have oil. Then I put some boiled water and wash again. Catfish is very fishy and muddy so washing it properly is very important. For ingredients, we need 2 gloves of purple onion, 2 tsp of sugar, or 1 tsp of caramel sugar, 0.5 kg catfish, 3 tsp of fish sauce, spring onion, and chilli. So first I chop all the purple onion and the head of spring onion, So when I marinate, I marinate half of purple onion, 3 tsp of fish sauce. So if you use the caramel sugar, you will marinate it here. But I’d prefer to heat the sugar so I don’t marinate the caramel sugar. Heat the oil. Add in 2 tsp of sugar. If you use brown sugar, the color is better. You do the low heat. Don’t stir. When it becomes slightly yellow, you add in the half of purple onion. Stir one side until it’s really brown, and then stir the whole mixture. Remember use the low heat for this step. Fry the fish. Leave it about 1 minute. Then turn the side of the fish. You can see the sugar make the color yellow. For some recipe, they add in water when they braise the fish but for me, I cover the clay pot in still, I don’t add water. Turn the fish every 5 minutes. So that all the fish sauce and the spice abord into the fish better. Keep the low heat for 10-15 minutes. If you like spice, you could add lots of chilli here, but I add when I finish mainly for garnish. When the fish is served, it is served with the clay pot as the pot keeps the heat longer and bring a better taste. I’ll try. So you can see the sugar, after you make it brown, it brings a really beautiful color. Very nice! Try it and I bet you’ll like it! Please subcribe my channel for new video every week. Thank you!

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