Cách Nấu Thịt Kho Tàu Ngon Lên Màu Đẹp Sánh Nước / Ăn Gì Đây

Cách Nấu Thịt Kho Tàu Ngon Lên Màu Đẹp Sánh Nước / Ăn Gì Đây

Hi everybody Today I have a new dish I want to share The food is very familiar and close to Vietnamese family meals Especially, on Tet holiday in Vietnam, it is indispensable That is: Stewed Meat or Coconut Stew I want to share how to cook delicious meat Nice color and soft meat 1kg of pork choose meat with young bones preliminary processing of meat Salt Rice vinegar Soak the meat in a vinegar brine mixture Rinse through clean water and drain Prepare boiling water Pour meat over boiling water for 3 minutes Helps clean meat with dirty bubbles And the meat when cut will be easier Take out the meat and wash it through water Prepare the boiled egg Add the eggs until the water is not boiling Once the water has boiled slightly, stir the eggs a little bit eggs after ripening will easily peel and the yolk will be right in the middle of the egg Boil eggs for 12 minutes 2cm thickness Cut the meat 5cm long Seasonings 2 peppers Less spicy chili and edible children 55gram of sugar 40 grams of garlic 15 grams of grain salt 1 tbsp of coconut water If you don’t like MSG Use shiitake powder This powder is made from dried shiitake mushrooms 1 liter of coconut water You can use normal water Fish sauce 36 protein Fake crushed garlic and chili You can put it in the blender prepare to marinate the meat 1kg of pork chili garlic was crushed 1 teaspoon shiitake powder Street Mix the meat with the spices Mix until the sugar is completely dissolved You will add salt later to prevent the meat from becoming hard let meat rest for 30 minutes You can place it in a cool, tightly closed compartment for 1 hour Eggs have been peeled Eggs are easy to peel and smooth because after the eggs are cooked, I soaked in the water until it cooled Use an egg toothpick When the egg warehouse will quickly absorb spices and beautiful colors 30 minutes have passed 1 liter of coconut water Boiled coconut water Add the meat Add 100ml of filtered water to remove the remaining spices in the cup Skim off the foam Reduce heat to low 1 hour lid cover After 1 hour, add the eggs 70ml fish sauce 36 protein If your fish sauce is higher in protein, reduce the dosage Add 1 tbsp of coconut water The color of the water helps the meat to have a beautiful color Continue to store meat for an additional 1 hour on average No need to cover If the meat is too boiling, reduce the heat Check 1 more time how do you feel? hjhj The color is so beautiful the meat is tender and the eggs are soaked but the eggs are not too dry You can store more times 2 and 3 times … This dish will be even more delicious Braised meat is suitable for every family meal especially on the traditional New Year in Vietnam You can eat it with raw vegetables melon pickled sauerkraut kimchi… This is the finished product Do you feel the deliciousness of the dish? Good luck with this stewed meat! If you like this recipe Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel Please share for more people to know and implement Thank you very much for watching the video See you all again Goodbye, Love I just enjoyed this delicious dish hjhj

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  1. Thit kho nhin rat dep va ngon , nhung co cau hoi em noi lan thu nhin khong day nap nhung sau cung thi day nap , em co the chi ro hon . Cam on em

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