Cadac Carri Chef 2 Combo Review | The GO Outdoors Show

Cadac Carri Chef 2 Combo Review | The GO Outdoors Show

Ok today I am going to be reviewing the Cadac
Carri Chef 2 Combo, which is a gas powered outdoor cooking system and its a fantastic
product and I think its one of the best products we sell at GO Outdoors for outdoor cooking
on. Its got multiple cooking surfaces which means
you can basically cook what ever you like when you go camping – you can be really creative.
Its also fantastic for caravanning & you can use it at home in your garden.. So we will now have a look at the different
cooking surfaces with the Carri Chef. So first up is the pot stand, which goes on top there,
which basically allows you to use the burner like your hob at home.. so you can put your
frying pans or you can boil rice in a big pan on it. But more importantly you can make
a cup of tea with your kettle in the morning Next up is the non stick barbecue grill grid.
Which is really robust and tough – its feels really solid is this. This basically slots
on the top and there is a heat exchange underneath which diffuse the heat and you can use this
as a barbecue – so sausages, burgers kebabs, all that kind of stuff.. Absolutely fantastic,
and it feels like really like robust non-stick material to me – I think that is going to
work really well.. The great thing about barbecue grill section
that its got drain holes here, which means that any fat released when cooking is going
to drain down this holes into the bottom section here.. and then when you’ve finished cooking
this just lifts of, simple as that and that can be deadly easily cleaned Next up is the chef pan, which is made of
really solid aluminium and its got that really tough non stick feeling – so I think thats
going to last along time. Now this just again just sits on the top there. This is going
to be brilliant for frying things in, you can do stir fries, you can ideally your going
to do your bacon and eggs in there.. and your breakfast.. Its a massive cooking area, so
you can really cook for a huge family – which will be great. And the non-stick stuff, it
means its going to be really easy to clean. Ok and finally you have got your dome lid,
which again feels really really solid to me and it feels really well made. Now with this
one, you can stick a small joint of meat on there, pop the lid on, and it’ll actually
roast. Its got a temperature gage on the bottom. So you can use the dial, regulate the temperature
and you can cook meat perfectly – which is going to be fantastic if your away camping. The Carri Chef runs of a large butane cylinder,
Calor or camping gas like most of the cookers with the orange pipes. Its got a really reliable piezo ignition,
so you just twist it and light it and its on. And its got a really accurate dial, so
you can regulate the temperature very actually when your cooking. There is also some handy
storage shelves at the bottom for bits and bobs. Right, I’m going to cook something on it now.
So we’ve got our nice shinny Cadac Carri Chef barbecue, and i’m going to show you a recipe
which is brilliant for barbecuing and great for cooking at campsites which is always popular
– which are spicy lamb kebabs pitta breads. So the first thing we need to do its to make
a marinade for the lamb. Im going to use technical measures here, so a load of yoghurt and then
if you get a curry paste we’ve got madras here so I’m just going to get loads of this
in the yoghurt.. I’d say, about two table spoons, so mix that up. Next all you need
to do is get your lamb in, you put in a little bit of the time, and give it a stir as it
makes its easier to get a good coating. Stick that to one side and the next thing we’re
going to do is make a yoghurty,cucumbering, minty thing that goes onto the pitta breads Really easy, mint sauce, cucumber. It doesn’t
matter how finely you cut the cucumber. It can be as chunky or as fine as you like..
Stick that into a bowl with the rest of the yoghurt .. Stick that into there.. Mint sauce..
I did actually ask Ollie to get mint sauce but he got me mint jelly… but you know,
these producers.. Its still the same… Right and we’re nearly ready. What we did
earlier on was to pick the skewers into a tray of water. The reason you do that when
they are on the barbecue, you don’t want them to burn, so if there wet it helps . Now here is the really messy bit and thats
skewering the lamb and there’s no mean way about this, you’ve just got to get stuck in.
Now the key thing here is that you’ve got to get the lamb really well skewered through
the middle so its doesn’t fall off in the barbecue. The advantage of the cadac is that
it is a solid grill plate – so its not going to matter, its not going to fall anywhere..
Thats the 3 kebabs ready, One of the things that they said on some of
the reviews on the internet about the cadac is its susceptibility to wind .. Thats the
sort of same for any gas burner really – but you can hook the lid on and it acts as a wind
break, which help a great deal. You can really see the non stick of the Cadac
working here, the sauce is just not sticking to the bottom at all. Fantastic These are pretty much getting there now . So
the next thing to do is get your pitta bread.. Sit that on the grill as well, and get them
toasting, there ready now. When there done they should come of the screwers pretty easily We’ve cooked with the Carri Chef now and it
was absolutely brilliant. It was a little susceptible to the wind, but you can hang
the lid on the side and it can act as a wind break.. Overall, absolutely fantastic product
and for all the bits you get really good value for money

18 thoughts on “Cadac Carri Chef 2 Combo Review | The GO Outdoors Show”

  1. Good video, great product. I used to have the smaller Cadac Safari Chef but found it generated a lot less heat and cooking was very slow, the Carri Chef however is superb.

  2. A lot of this product is great but two problems… The slightest breeze blows the gas flame out and I noticed he never showed how you fit those pieces back into the carry bag. I think its impossible without completely dismantling the handles and gas fittings.

  3. The VERY first thing my wife said after unpacking it ( in our lounge) was "This will not pack up in the bags provided. Sure enough I google this very point and my computer lights up with quite a few other people making EXACTLY the same observation. Grrh..

  4. Not sure if they have changed the bag provided recently because ours is easy to pack away. Lovely quick to assemble and pack away bbq 💪🏻

  5. Good solid product but as previously said, a light breath of wind and it blows out.
    I've switched to a teppanyaki grill which can be used in the awning and on the sites electric that you have paid for 😃

  6. Storage – my sentiment also and experience. We haven't mentioned cleaning, but can be diffilcult, and if like me you feel precious about damaging those non-stick surfaces especially the grill. Hopefully this idea will handle both areas of concern. Purchase from Wickes for £10 their largest black plasterers mixing tub. It can carry the whole Cadac and allows you to soak in detergent and soften all the burnt grease (for as long as you can) in minimum water because of it's large diameter base. Take it probably home to clean – keeps anything messy away from your clothing and fabric of your vehicle. It works for me.

  7. I bought one of these after seeing this video, however my experience is not at all like this, everything EVERYTHING sticks to the grill and I mean literally welds itself on. Unusable! the pan is good tho

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