Caitlyn Jenner Responds to Jokes About Her Transition – Roast of Alec Baldwin

Caitlyn Jenner Responds to Jokes About Her Transition – Roast of Alec Baldwin

All of your are making
these silly comments and jokes about
how I kind of… …cut it off. Let me remind you:Itmade Kylie Jenner, the youngest self-made
billionaire in history. (cheers)Itmade Kendall Jenner, the highest paid model
in the world. I raised ten children. I currently- well, I’m up coming on- 20 grandchildren. I didn’t cut it off,
I just retired it. It was done!

100 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner Responds to Jokes About Her Transition – Roast of Alec Baldwin”

  1. The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres this Sunday, September 15 on Comedy Central. Subscribe to Comedy Central’s YouTube channel for more clips and full sets from the Roast:

  2. In that case, we should be thanking Robert Kardashian for making Kim so then she would grow up and make a sex tape with Ray J…

  3. Cringe… That Cunt Kylie is NOT self made, ugh more subhuman Kardashian's and Jenner's? It says it like 20 grandchildren from that degenerate family is something to pride on.

  4. This roast was barely a toast. Weakest burns I’ve ever heard. It was like everyone was worried about offended everyone. And somebody should have kicked Robert DeNiro in his smug mouth. They better thank Christ Greg Giraldo is dead. And where did fat hilarious pig face Lisa Lump of Jelly go? She was ruthless. I hate 2019 so much.

  5. Such a hard working family! Tell us the date ur grandchildren will suck a dick. that's the only time we r interested in ur family motivational stories

  6. Self made????? Whatever, it’s not like Trumps hand out for the rich help Her “Self made” daughter get to $1B. Also, I thought the Hadid sisters are the most paid models Internationally?

  7. She's funnier then the dude from SNL. Ireland was funnier then the dude from SNL. Heck the dog puppet was funnier then the dude from SNL

  8. This idiot said self made billionaire Kylie lmao she didn’t self make anything lmao she is all hype like her family and everything was basically handed to her

  9. Self made billionaire that started with millions and had unlimited access to important business connections and tools that most people would never have a chance to haha

  10. A lot of hate on Kylie doubt she cares what any of us think but true she is a byproduct of Kim’s sex tape and who knows how many surgeries

  11. The likes in the comments have been edited there used to be over 4000 dislikes.. @youtube @comedycentral #lyingmediaplatform

  12. So he is bragging about all the great things his c*** did, but he cut it off. That makes perfect sense.

    That man is a freak!

  13. It made Kylie Jenner the youngest self-made billionaire in history. He does seem to exhibit some major cognitive dissonance here.

  14. And that confirms gender dysphoria , because you address both personalitys at the same time present . When your older there will be torment , because you hate yourself and you can't cut that off.

  15. For that person to reach the goal of transition to a female is impossible, you me and every other human on the planet earth can not forget your personality the only thing you can do is pretend but this results 100% of the time with self forced torment in years this may drive you to suicide , the years of anx you put yourself under is insanely an abbis.

  16. Yuk. The whole line-up was shit. Nikki Glaser needs to go away. She's not a comedian but she plays one on TV. Real Comics do NOT touch this crap anymore.

  17. Just Yuck!!!!!! He is yuck! All that money and he looks like a melting wax figure 🤦🏾‍♀️ Get this man a therapist cos Kris fried his brain lol

  18. Caitlyn Jennner and comedy don't mix. She was supposed to roast everyone and that's it. But then she talks about herself the whole time. Shut the fuck up already and do comedy.

  19. I never really knew anything about her/him, but apparently they're pro Trump and anti gay marriage. Caitlyn/Bruce is seriously fucked in the head.

  20. I bet kylie and jenner cried so hard after watching this… this is so sad.. the penis that made you was cut off.. sort of like their father never wanted to make babies using his penis… this person has mental issue.

  21. So HE can poke fun at others but no one can make fun of HIM even tho HE killed someone in a car crash for being a DUMB GUY.

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