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  1. What's your worst cake fail? I found some crazy ones on Instagram & Pintrest … but there is always hope!! 😍

  2. I love that you used everyday utensils too!, it can be so discouraging to have failed and then try and fix it and bakers only use fancy tools you don't have.
    Thanks Ann, your creations always take the cake

  3. That last cake was 20% cooler due to it being more than putting RD on the cake, but the whole video being representative of who Rainbow is. A loyal pony who never gives up on her dream and pushes others to do the same with their dreams. Also, really enjoying your vids so far.

  4. I’m gluten free because of a severe allergy and I was making a cake for my mum (she can’t even have egg or milk either) and it fell apart. Like crumbs. So we grabbed some fancy glasses, added soy cream, ice creams and strawberries and made birthday Sundays with the crumbs!

  5. I had something happen with the buttercream frosting happen to me during a food tech lesson… I thought it had cooled down enough!! Guess I should have just waited till I got home to put on the frosting

  6. I wish my mum knew this for my tenth birthday… I ended up having a quick bread with a 1 and 0 candles in it for my cake

  7. In the old days when they had a lot of broken cake, they just layered it with whipped cream and fruit in a trifle dish. A trifle was a common dessert to make with cake that had become a little stale.

  8. Thank you! Now all of us terrible bakers can fix our lovely little disasters… Well, if it goes so wrong you can't save it call some friends and devour it!

  9. this is very useful, as my baking attempts either taste great and look horrid….or look great but taste awful.

  10. It honestly just seems like if the person gives a damn about making a good product, they'll make a good product. If it's something they're making out of obligation, then it's just kinda 'eh' from the get go, and they're bound to fail because their heart isn't in it anyway.

  11. Such lovely videos delivered in a kind and down-to-earth tone 'So you're in a Pickle? Let's see what we can do about it?'
    Also props for the stop motion section, that must have taken a bunch of extra time. Also Love that you really emphasise matching the original conditions of the cake-mishaps and working with them as is. ^_^ Thank you

  12. Wow, what brilliant ideas. I can't believe how you completely turned these cakes around. This was absolutely incredible and I soooo admire your skills. Thanks for sharing these ideas for quick fixes. Now I know what I should do if I end up messing up my cake. Thank you for this very informative and helpful video.

  13. Hahaha awwww, that pink pile of mess for that little girl's 5th birthday hahaha. Pretty funny but also kind of sad. If that was my birthday cake, I'd be pissed but I do appreciate the work and effort that went into at least trying to make a cake.

  14. So the last one is basically a cake pop cake then right??? Hahaha awwww what a shame it's such a mess. Oh Ann, your skills are just incredible and beyond amazing. Keep up the awesome videos.

  15. Great How To Video, definitely giving me ideas for new how to videos on my CHANNEL !!❤❀ヅ❤♫ =P

  16. Ann, as a cake decorator and instructor myself, I have seen this happen to way to many people and I always try to show them things they can do to fix it. I absolutely love that you did this video. I think more people who are trying to make cakes wont be as afraid to try it now. Thank you for sharing this information and thank you for being the wonderful and amazing lady that you are. We love you!!!! Have a fabulous and blessed day.

  17. We had a crappy oven in the rv that would burn the cake on one side (before we found out that if you put a pizza stone under the rack it cooked evenly) so when trying to remove the cake it all fell apart, I just mixed the can of frosting into the cake and topped it with a bunch of broken chocolate pieces. It was the best cake I've ever had!

  18. My best cake save was for my daughter's 16th birthday. The cake just fell completely apart when I tipped it out of the pan. (Red velvet from scratch. I didn't make it) I called my husband at work and told him to buy 3 dozen bouquets of Walmart roses.

    While I was waiting for him, I cooled the cake and then arranged the pieces on a large white platter. There was NO way this crumbly mess would take the buttercream frosting so I warmed it slightly and poured it over the cake. It wasn't thin. Just barely warmed enough to flow. Managed to get a cake shape out of the whole thing.

    When hubby got home I went to work (for the rest of the night). I picked the best buds and blossoms from the flowers, then went to work ripping the rest to shreds. Pulled all of the petals off. Coated the flower petals in a thin egg white/water wash, then tossed them in sugar. Those went in the dehydrator for a few hours until the coating was dry. Then I covered the cake in rose petals, I mean the WHOLE CAKE. When I was done, there was hardly any cake to see.

    I arranged the whole flowers and buds on a corner of the cake and held my breath.

    The next day, my daughter cried with joy. Said it was her first 'grown up' cake. Her friends were impressed. Moms were impressed and asked me where I got the inspiration. (I confessed to one of my friends that I 'pulled it out of my butt.') Yes, people ate the candied rose petals. (Not with the cake. As a candy.)

    You couldn't even tell that the cake was mangled underneath.

    Then I wiped the sweat from my brow and had a glass of wine. lol!

  19. Technically “white chocolate ganache” doesn’t exist, since white chocolate doesn’t contain any cocoa solids 😉

  20. Watches video)

    Uh huh
    looks at burning house
    What about….
    What about an over cooked cake but like
    REALLY overcooked

  21. People are soooo impatient. They NEVER wait for things to cool, set, etc. and then they just slap everything together and complain the recipe sucks.

  22. I don't mean to tell you how to do your job but if you use margarine in any recipe like cake or frosting it will come out wrong cuz I tried it was horrible but it wasn't your recipe but a different recipe

  23. I hate cakes, candy and candy bars. Anything with frosting, cake batter, keep it the hell away from me. Every year my parents prepared my birthday green bean casserole. MMMmmm. now that's good.

  24. my sister in law and I made a black forest cake for a birthday, put it in the fridge, it fell over, so we put whipped cream in a big bowl and dumped the whole cake in and froze it, it was delicious!

  25. Wish i had seen this last year had a cake that stuck to the mold would have been able to fix it if i had seen this didnt think at the time how easy it would have been 😂

  26. The first one would be impossible to slice without the berries falling all over the place and the chocolate "bars" tipping over (making more berries to fall off the cake). Yes, it looks good, but is it really that practical?

  27. My biggest cake fail is choosing to use cookie batter instead of cake batter to make layers for an ice cream cake. It doesn't look pretty at all 🙁

  28. For the second failed cake (the sponge cake that slid apart and turned into broken pieces), I'd go a bit further: crumble the cake completely, blend it in the mixer with cocoa powder until it becomes a doughy mass, and then by hand form them into little chocolate pastries. In Russia, they're called "kartoshkas" because they resemble potatoes — bakers traditionally made them from left-over butter cream and sponge cake trimmings. I've also seen some non-Russian bakers make them (one Austrian baker in Mexico called them "Chocolate Mice"). I suppose you could decorate them to look like mice, or you could just pipe a few flowers or dots on them. Personally I like to form them into balls and roll them in hundreds and thousands or desiccated coconut.
    This works for any kind of failed cake or pastry, except for leaf pastry or filo dough (even waffle cakes can be mashed together and made into crunchy truffles).

  29. I love these! The last one was like a giant cake pop without the stick. Hang on, you could add a large candy stick and make it look like a giant cake pop on purpose. Sweet!

  30. I think it's so cool how you made even a crumbly mess into a nice little cake. I kept thinking to myself "omg she's so good at baking"
    Also now I want buttercream frosting, guess I'll make some lol

  31. YouTube Comments: Everyone just says "Make ir into cake pops!"
    I once saved cake pops by making them
    Into a cake…
    I'm just weird.

  32. Is that gorgeous yellow cake the one for your Victoria sponge? I love your fails to fabulous! My one tip for buttercream is my Mother in Law’s. She whips her frosting for 10 minutes in her Kitchenaid mixer. It still pipes beautifully but is very light and fluffy. Buttercream with lots of thick details can be so cloyingly sweet. For a more stable frosting, I recommend the Wilton recipe with vegetable shortening as well as butter.

  33. Another, much easier, fix for a cake fail, get some fruit, some ready-made pudding, and some whipped cream (I've used the "extra creamy" canned variety with success) and make a trifle.

    Did that once when both layers of my double-chocolate-chip banana cake fell apart when I depanned them. It was the hit of the party.

  34. People who teach workshops:
    6:25 >> This is exactly the kind of stuff I need to hear: "I know what it looks like. But don't add any liquid. None. AT ALL…. "
    In some things you need to let me know that You know exactly what you are talking about. And this spoken line did Exactly that. With a tone of laughter saying "I understand…."

  35. my worst fail is when we were trying to make cake pops, i got the cake pops down but to set I couldn’t even get the styrofoam to get a hole in it. so we started poking holes in bananas haha

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