Cambodian Cooking Class in Battambang, Cambodia (Nary’s Kitchen Khmer Cooking School)

Cambodian Cooking Class in Battambang, Cambodia (Nary’s Kitchen Khmer Cooking School)

This morning we’ve got a special activity
planned. We are taking a cooking class – a Khmer cooking class. I’m all thumbs in the
kitchen but I’m going to give it my best shot. Right now we’re at the local market and we
are going to pickup some ingredients for the cooking class and it is raining. It’s a red curry paste and this is a chili
paste. They are fresh vegetables. And then they say ginger. It is not ginger.
It is galangal. Coconut and then she grates it to get a coconut
milk. So we’ve got our aprons on and we’re ready
to cook. Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville they
converse and they change how to make fish Amok. They make shortcuts for three or four
minutes. I’m trying to slice lemongrass. These are our ingredients so far. They smell
really good. What might you be doing? I’m just crushing
the ingredients. You’re making the curry paste here. It looks so good. We’re really earning our meal here. We’re
making our curry paste. We’ve been pounding away for almost ten minutes now. Now we’re slicing up the snake fish. I still
haven’t cut my finger. Here is our Amok. We made a little curry type
thing and put it into the banana bowl that we’ve prepared and now it is going to be steamed. Here is the meal we prepared today. We have
spring rolls with a nice dipping sauce, lok lak (a kind of beef meat) and over here Amok,
which is fish in a coconut cream sauce. I’m going to try my Lok Lak. Let’s see how
this turned out. It is really nice. I cooked it myself. I’m going to try one of the spring rolls we
made. I still can’t believe I didn’t burn down the kitchen and it is delicious by the
way. We just finished our cooking class. I didn’t
cause an International Incident. I didn’t burn down the kitchen, so overall it was a
success. If anyone wants to come the Kitchen is called Nary’s Kitchen and they have a morning
and an evening class. It costs ten dollars a person. This restaurant and cooking school is run
by Nary and her husband Toot. They will take you to the market and you will spend an hour
there just looking at different vegetables, picking up ingredients and then afterwards
you come back to the school you cook for two hours and then you get to enjoy your meal.
We highly recommend it. Excellent food.

25 thoughts on “Cambodian Cooking Class in Battambang, Cambodia (Nary’s Kitchen Khmer Cooking School)”

  1. This is awesome- I wish you could do a cooking class in each country you guys travel to- so we can learn what they make! 🙂

  2. Sam had cooked there before. 🙂 It's a popular cooking school in town, so most hotels will recommend this one.

  3. We are planning to take a few more cooking classes in Vietnam and Thailand, so we'll see how it goes! 😉

  4. Thank you! 🙂

    We had a good instructor who helped us every step of the way. We miss both of those dishes – especially Ahmok 🙂

  5. I'm so jealous. . I'm currently trying to head down to Cambodia to meet My grandma for the first time, waiting on citizen paper, and have to pay the fee, can't wait! Looks good 🙂

  6. You guys r really living the dream world. Blessings to u both. Thanks so much for sharing. Pls let us know when your next trip is. Would like to see u tasting tibetan food, Nepal, n enjoying the yurt in mongolia n life in mongolia. Pls keep us up to date. Thank u!

  7. That video inspired me to cook two of the items you have shown. Still haven't done the Cambodian eggrolls. When you cut the lemongrass, I guess you had a good knife. Those are tough to cut. I pounded away with the mortar and pestle, but ended up taking everything to my blender to grind it into finer ingredients. Otherwise, tasty!

  8. Does that cooking class also teach how to make the cha khoy teil (the Cambodian equivalent of Pad Thai/Pad Lao)?

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