Camp and Cook | Cooking Steak On Firebox Stove | Camp Food

Camp and Cook | Cooking Steak On Firebox Stove | Camp Food

hey everyone welcome back to Baum Grillin’z today we’re doing something a little bit different out of my norm
we’re going camping so we’re gonna go out here we’re gonna find a spot to camp
we’re gonna set up camp and then we’re gonna cook something so stick around
we’re gonna go set up the tent and I’ll get back to you guys in a minute okay so we made it to a spot that I
think will be good to camp at it’s got some level ground and we’ve got a pond
in the back there that’s kind of cool so it’ll give us something to look at some
maybe some wildlife or whatnot all right let’s get to putting the tent up all
right before I set the tent up I’m gonna kind of clear out the area here just to
make sure I get rid of any of the brush and things I don’t want it sticking into
my back while I’m sleeping so we’ll prepare that all right we’re getting closer almost got level spots I have to lay on
any rocks whoa okay spot there so let’s get our
tent out roasted all right there’s the tent got it all
set up it’s a nice little tent it’s a single person it’s got the little
one-man shelter inside here with the bug net
plenty of room though all right camps all set up now what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna cook some steak I’ve got this firebox this is a little camp stove
this thing is awesome so I’ll show you guys this let’s get to cooking some
steak and some mashed potatoes okay now that we got our fire started there we’re
gonna go ahead get out a couple things here got some seasoning those utensils I
need to get our cutting board okay now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to
slice up our potatoes and get our garlic going your garlic mashed potatoes okay we got all our potatoes chopped up
so now what we’re going to do is we got this little Billy pot we’re gonna go
ahead and put them in there and we’re gonna boil them here in a minute not to
lose it it adds water to that get to boiling some potatoes here in a
minute we’ve got a cup of cloves of garlic we’re gonna chop those up and
we’re gonna cook them all right we’re gonna throw that garlic back on there
the first time I had it it was a little too hot the second try all right now
I’ll get our butter in there garlic little bit of butter that should
go a lot better this time okay that garlic’s done so we’re going
to pull it off we’re gonna set it over here and I’m actually going to use this
pan again so I’m gonna take the garlic I’m gonna put it in this plate and save
this for later once we get our mashed potatoes ready we’ll just save that
there okay all right well go ahead and set our
potatoes up there so we can boil those get them boiling so now while that’s
boiling we’re gonna go ahead and get some asparagus going so I’m just gonna
kind of break that up something like that we’re gonna throw it in here
because we’re going to do is we’re gonna add it on top of our boiling pot there hopefully this works now we’re going to add some butter to
that as well now I’ve got these cool little straws and we put onion and
garlic powder in them that way it’s light and easy to carry so I’m gonna put
that on top of the asparagus then we’ll just add it to the top of the pot close
it up and let that thing boil all right let’s check on them sponge
real quick see how to do it carefully take this off try not to lose them okay
that’s looking pretty good oh boy they are mashing I think they’re
done okay we’re gonna have to pull those off and then I’m going to have to keep
cooking that asparagus it’s gonna take a little bit longer I think pull this off
here then we’re gonna just kind of drain it drain it off actually we’re gonna do
is I’m gonna add a little bit of this water to the asparagus that might help
them cook a little bit too we’re almost ready to mash them we’re gonna put this back on top just
kind of monitor it as well so now that our mashed potatoes are all
done we’re gonna go ahead and put some butter in there and then add our garlic got some butter now we’re gonna add our
garlic add that to it get that all mixed up man
those potatoes just smashed right away that’s awesome
they were good and cooked now what I’m gonna throw in there is this here this
cream cheese this is a laughing cow cream cheese or cream Swiss French onion
cheese we’re gonna throw that into our potatoes this is gonna be so good okay
that asparagus is good we’re gonna take it off we’re gonna put it back on top
and this here pot very careful are you HOT oh no ain’t got a lot of little burn
there that’s okay it’ll cool down now oh yeah that stuff looks good though all
right now we’re gonna let our fire kind of cool down before we get our steak on
there close that up to keep it all warm okay that fire is all cooled down it’s
time to prep our steak oh yeah oh yeah now what we need to do is we need to
prep our firebox and we got this here cooking great and this goes right on top
of that there firebox that’s really cool because look at that it’s gonna fit
right on there perfect so we’ll put that on top we’ll
let this get all warmed up then we’ll sear our steak okay so we’re just gonna doctor up our
stake here take it out of the package actually I’m gonna leave it right there
on the package and we’re just gonna season it we’re gonna season it with
some ancho espresso now I’m not sponsored by lanes barbecue I’ve just
been really enjoying their their rubs and seasonings so check them out if you
want if not hey no biggie but I wanted to try this ancho espresso
I think it’s gonna be really good so we’ll go ahead and just sprinkle that on
top my main camera died so if you guys have a little bit of a different audio
and picture that’s because I’m using my phone now just saying go ahead and get that steak on top of
there oh yeah I’ll let that cook on each side get a
nice sear this thing is gonna be so good we’ll hit that other side real quick at
ancho espresso alright time for a flip that other side going yeah I’m so hungry all right we’re gonna pull
that thing off and we’re gonna let her rest then we’ll slice and dice I’m gonna
put it on the cutting board yes for now I’ve had the mashed potatoes and
asparagus sitting over here by the fire kind of rotating it to keep it warm
let’s go ahead and plate that up let’s plate up some of that asparagus and
mashed potaters still a little warm here okay got that as fair grass looks a
little slimy now might have been cooking for a little long adding that potato
water change the consistency there a little bit kind of strange I still think
it’s gonna taste good okay well doesn’t look like much but I think it’s gonna
taste good now for the potatoes oh yeah good I love mashed potatoes I love
mashed potatoes i’ll be–i’ll eat all these but if it’s just me I’m gonna try
all right that stick is rested we’re gonna go ahead and chop into it slice
into it see what it looks like I’m talking about no it’s delicious look at that steak that’s what I’m talking about
right there that looks delicious all right I’m gonna
slice it up and I’m gonna put it on my plate all right throw it on the plate oh my
word I just got some of the juices that taste so good oh man all right I’ll be
right back I’m gonna clean up a little bit and then we’re gonna take a bite all
right there we go guys finally got it cooked up actually you know what I need
to do I need to put some more seasoning salt now I went ahead and already added
a little bit of salt and pepper these little straws are really cool they make
it really easy to pack you just get a straw you put your
seasonings in there and then you heat it up on the bottom and on the top and it
seals it in that’s all you need to do no need to carry around a big old bunch of
salt and pepper jars or anything like that tip all right there you go
steak potatoes asparagus and we made it all on that little tiny firebox grill
that is so cool all right let’s dig into it I’m really
excited to try this go ahead try not to dump my plate here all right first bite a steak down the
hatch Oh that is so good
that is so good I love the seasoning the seasonings excellent it’s a little uh I
don’t even know how to describe it it’s awesome that’s one of the best
seasonings I’ve had I really like this mmm that is so good it is so good all
right let’s try the potatoes Oh hmm well that’s really good too the
potatoes are really good as whole meals delicious mm-hmm asparagus is really
good too excellent meal excellent all right I’m
gonna leave you guys here I’m gonna finish this meal up get ready for bed
and then videos not over yet I’ll see you guys in the morning would you go already King me what I quit oh good morning everyone
well it rained and it rained and it rained last night and I finally stopped
so let’s go make some breakfast oh yeah beautiful morning yeah it’s raining now
oh I want to make breakfast man it’s coming down they had it’s coming down
good I don’t know if I’m gonna get my copy that’s crazy
okay let’s get our coffee stuff here dad coffee press all right there’s my coffee press get
that going got my coffee cap all right let’s start
that fire okay the rain stopped for just a little bit we’re gonna try to get that
fire going so we can make some coffee okay we got our fire going so what we
got here in the fire box kit is this little circular doohickey we put that on
top and then we can set our cup all right on top of there we can boil our
water so let’s set that up real quick ahead and set these fire sticks right
here starting to rain again set this right on top oh yeah at least we got our coffee going
that’s all we can do I’m happy with that all right it’s finally clearing up a
little bit we’ve got some blue skies out there so that’s good so we’ll be able to
finally get this thing boiling and cook up some eggs and bacon okay i water’s
almost to a boil so now we got to set up our Aeropress so what we’re gonna do is
we’re going to grind up some coffee we’ll get that ready to go so when the
boil is ready we’re gonna have some coffee scoop the whole beans throw that in our
grinder lid back on now we’ll set it in here we’ll just grind her up well
something like that get our boiling water on top of that
press it in all right there she is now we’ll go ahead and slowly add that to
our arrow press give it a good little stir then we’ll go ahead and press it real
slow okay look at that yes copy all right let’s give her a taste oh that’s
good it’s good copy really good I love grinding my own copy
and when you’re in the woods there’s just something about it that just makes
it even better all right let’s cook some bacon and eggs all right now that we got our coffee
made we’ll go ahead and get the bacon going then we’ll cook our eggs we’ve got
some pepper bacon here stuff should be really good put that on we’re just gonna kind of toss it in
there it should all mash together right that bacon is looking good just
about done well get them eggs going okay that
Bacon’s the way I like it we’ll pull it off then we’ll get our eggs going now I’m gonna leave that bacon fat in
there we’re just gonna crack our eggs go with it now I like a little bit of salt and
pepper on my eggs got some more of those little packets a little bit of salt or
pepper do a little pepper do a little salt and then of course garlic and onion
powder cuz I am a crazy man for that garlic and onion powder I love it I’m
sure you guys could tell I love garlic and onion all right here goes to flip
we’re gonna make it happen hopefully yeah where we go alright those eggs are the way I like
them we’re gonna pull them off and play them up give it a try
breakfast time breakfast time that’s top of the map look at bacon and
eggs hahaha yes there we go bacon and eggs
let’s give her a shot a little egg is gonna be good I can tell ya that’s the
way I like my eggs that’s good kind of mix it all up here
buy two that their egg mm-hmm that’s amazing
bacon bacon looks really good and crispy oh yeah I was hungry it’s been quite the morning wow this is so good man I had so much
fun we’re gonna call this a camp and cook and if you guys enjoy that and you
want to see more of it make sure you comment down below and let me know
because I sure like making these type of videos it’s so much fun being outside
cooking enjoying just the the scenery I love it I love it so let me know what
you guys think of this also if you guys are not subscribed please subscribe and
make sure you hit that Bell button so you can be notified every time I upload
a video or go live alright I’m gonna break down camp go home and take a
shower thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys in the next video Baum Grillin’z Out! Music

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