Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Preview – Campchef Griddle Overview

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Preview – Campchef Griddle Overview

what is up everybody this is Lyle with
no hippie BBQ what I want to talk to you about today is going to be this
brand-new Camp Chef flattop griddle that I got some of you guys know that I have
a blackstone griddle as well and the people at Camp Chef went ahead and sent
this out to me so I could do a few cooks on it and see what I think anyway I do
notice there’s a few differences between this model and my blackstone griddle
and I just want to talk to you guys about some of those differences in no
way you’re ever going to hear me talk bad about the black stone griddle I
think that is a great griddle for the price reason I’m doing this video before
I actually cook on it is there are a few people that are subscribed to my channel
that were debating between the Camp Chef flat top griddle or the blackstone grill top so I wanted to get
this out as soon as possible anyway I will be cooking on this later today one
of the things that Camp Chef claims is that you don’t need to do the whole
seasoning process on this griddle so we’re gonna test that out here a little
bit later anyway I’m gonna bring you guys in close and we’re gonna kind of go
over a few of the things that the Camp Chef has and then maybe a couple
differences between this and maybe the blackstone the first thing I like about
this is this has a real clean design you got the little stainless steel look
going on and I think they went with the red knobs to kind of duplicate the Wolfe
stoves that are in expensive houses I’m not sure but I’m just guessing you have
two places to store things now one thing I really like about this is you do have
the collapsible sides let me take this grease trap off so you
have the possible signs another good thing about this before we even bring
you in closer let me just set this over here is once you remove this griddle top
and we’ll take a closer look at the grill top there’s a matter of fact let’s
look at this not sure if you guys can see this or not let me take a look I’m
not sure if it’s coming through good on camera or not but you have the flattop
griddle but then you almost have like a heat disbursement system with these
little holes that are down here to evenly distribute the heat anyway let’s
go ahead and take a look at the top of this this is where things get
interesting only with the camp shift do you get the
flattop griddle but you can also grill over an open flame so you have your
grill grates here and let’s go ahead and set these aside right now as well and I
will be leaving a link to this in the description below where you can take a
look at the price on Amazon and compare it with the price on CampChef but get
the grill grates off and here’s what I like about if you’re grilling over this
open flame you don’t have to worry about getting any grease or food debris on
your burners because you have these things that kind of shield
you know they shield the burner so that’s not gonna really happen there you
also have a separate grease trap that is below we’ll get to that here a little
bit later I’m gonna go ahead and put this put these grates back on and then
we’re gonna put the flat top on there’s some really nice things about the
flattop as well we like about this brittle is you have
this grease trap and it kind of flows down you have an actual hole that it
goes through and it has a funnel that drips into this removable grease catch
thing right here we also have one under the grill I’m going to try to show that
to you but it may be a little dark under there but I’ll do my best just no good
way for me to show you that other grease trap is just kind of dark down there but
anyway that other grease trap is going to be used if you take this griddle top
off and cook over the open flame it’s going to kind of drain down into that
another thing that this has is it does have a leveling system on it I do plan
on keeping this on my deck so that’s going to come in handy I really I’m not
going to really go into how to use that yet because I haven’t used it and I’ll
just save that for my review that’s coming some reason you have a hard time
lighting your grill the ignition system isn’t working they also have this a
little aluminum piece here that’s kind of tied down to the grill you basically
just went and light a match and stick it through the hole and light your grill
like that so anyway this is going to be my preview today is July 1st 2018 as of
today on Amazon if you go to Amazon they have this thing marked down to two
hundred and ninety-nine dollars typically this is going to be somewhere
around 350 360 dollars I’m gonna leave a link to that in the description below
I’m also going to leave a link to the Camp Chef site so you can kind of
compare prices and they also have smaller units than this so anyway I’m
gonna get some get some good cooking going on this and then maybe you know a
month you know something like that down the line we’ll do a review on it things
I like things I don’t like but as of right now I just wanted to kind of talk
about the basics of it anyway I do appreciate you guys stopping by no
hippie BBQ I appreciate it comment subscribe and I’m out.

70 thoughts on “Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Preview – Campchef Griddle Overview”

  1. So Funny you Did this. I made an Unboxing Video and assembly of the same thing last Wednesday. I am going to release this Wednesday. I think these have way more to offer than Blackstone.

  2. Cool…I like the idea of smaller versions. Not everybody is cooking cavalry-sized spreads, then, there's always not having unlimited space to store! Thanks for the share..

  3. I am going to continue to wait for your review before I decide right now I've been going back and forth on Blackstone and Camp Chef…I'm hoping to get a no hippie review Straight No Chaser

  4. I have a smaller Camp Chef griddle stove and I like it. I just wanted a Blackstone to add to my collections and I like that one also. Mainly because the cooking surface is larger and I can be messier. The Camp Chef didn't seem to be as hot as the Blackstone so I removed the grills and burner covers when using the griddle. That helps a lot. Will be watching for the first cook. Thanks Lyle.

  5. That’s awesome now we going to have to look for a company to sponsor you a shed to store all them grills 😂 that double top is great 👍🏽 guess I’ll break down and buy one..

  6. Check Out the Camp Chef 600 on Amazon:
    Check out Camp Chef Flat Top Grills on the Camp Chef Website:

  7. Nice, I am very interested in a few of CampChef's products including this and the pellet grills…

  8. Wow that thing is awesome!! Only thing I see is they could have tucked the tank in farther so that one side table dropped more lol rather than that happy cooking

  9. Cool looking griddle. They seem to be the hot thing right now, turning everyone into a backyard short order cook. 🙂 Keep on keepin on.

  10. Nice review brother. One question I have is, what is the availability of replacement parts are? something is going to rust out like the flame deflectors.

  11. Lyle, I was impressed with the Camp Chef's "heat dispersement system!" The heat shield deflectors and the grease catchers were nifty too. Now let's see it in action! Good show!

  12. I'm thinking this is the better option, cause you're kind of getting a two for one cooker. Grill and flat top. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Cheers brother!

  13. Wow!! No seasoning😮That’s a awesome looking griddle/grill. I’d be happy with either brands of griddles. That one definitely has more bells and whistles though. Thanks for sharing😃

  14. Nice to see the differences ! I have been seeing so many great Blackstone griddle cooks lately I didn't even know there was another brand 🙂 Awesome that they sent you this ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Hello Lyle!!!Nice review!!!!Thanks for sharing !!!Have a nice day!!!!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS Lyle‼️. I found out about that one after I got mine, but so far I’m very happy with it. TFS‼️👍👍

  17. That was an awesome product to give for a review. Yeah the grease trap part is cool. Good markdown.

  18. Dude, you're killing me here. 🙂 Anyway, I was all ready to buy a Blackstone but this one seems to be a little more stout. Plus the built in grill is nice since you don't have to store it or buy it separately. The only downside to this one is it's $38 more, when priced at $299, than the Blackstone (because the grill is sold separately at $62 and has the flame deflectors built into it). (Amazon must have sold out because it's only available right now for $349 from "THESE SELLERS'.) Camp Chef seems to have fixed the griddle drip problem that the Blackstone has. I guess you'll let us know if it's worth $38 more to you. It looks like the better deal to me but I've never owned either.

  19. Damn Lyle that camp chef griddle is the bomb way more features than the blackstone when you took the griddle top off to show the open flame propane grill underneath I said WOOO! Man can't wait til the VS review coming up in the future keep up the good work bro!

  20. Man, that thing has a MUCH better build quality over the Blackstone. I can't wait to see what you cook on it. Great overview.

  21. Great looking gridle great review, have never seen one with a flat griddle very unique I can see a lot of great cooks on this camp chef 🙂 nice with the drip tray too 🙂

  22. Blackstone makes a great griddle, but this camp chef seems to offer a few more options. The design of the camp chef is outstanding, they have really upped their game on making everything cooking and smoking!! Great review – someday. Trying to get caught up watching, Kathy has been in and out of Mayo all of June, almost lost her……….later.

  23. Nice review bro. I'm still debating on which griddle to get. I'm looking at the Blue Rino, Campchef or the Blackstone.

  24. Love it bro, saw this griddle/grill on Meatheads channel and started looking more into it. Glad you got this one up. Good review and comparison. I am very interested in these, I like the grilling and griddle combo.

  25. Awesome they sent this to you. Wish they would send me one to cook and make videos on! Love the grill grate part. I love my flat griddle. Good video Lyle! 👍

  26. That’s cool Lyle, I am debating between the 2 and am in no hurry! Will wait to see your cooks!

  27. Very nice griddle. I like that you can have 4 different heating zones and a grill option. Were they right in saying that you didn't have to season it?

  28. So how do you like your Camp Chef after a month of use, Lyle? I just bought one. Haven’t used it yet. Can’t wait to get started.

  29. I've got a question about your griddle, do you leave the grease deflectors on while you're using the griddle function or do you just put them on when you're using the grill function?

  30. Does the camp chef griddle smoke like crazy and have black smoke and flames at first burn smells awful black specks flying all over .Almost got out fire extinguisher

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