Camp Chef Woodwind SG Wood Fired Pellet Grill Review |

Camp Chef Woodwind SG Wood Fired Pellet Grill Review |

Hey, I’m Randy with I finally got my hands on one of Camp Chef’s
pellet grills. The model we have here today is the Woodwind
SG, let’s check it out. On the left side of the Woodwind SG, you’ll
find their large capacity pellet hopper. It features a digital temperature display
with a wide range of settings. When you are ready to cook, all you have to
do is power it up and set your desired temp.. the Woodwind will handle the rest. It’s nice that they offer a low smoke and
a high smoke option, along with 25 degree increment settings all the way up to 400 plus. Once your temp is set, the auger at the bottom
of the hopper will dispense the amount of pellets needed to the burn pot in the belly
of the grill. This is where the heating element ignites
the pellets, and the integrated fan automatically stokes the fire to reach and maintain your
set temperature. This allows you to smoke something like large
racks of ribs without having to babysit the grill. The hopper of the Woodwind SG has a 22 pound
capacity, allowing it to conveniently fit whole 20 pound bags of pellets with room to
spare. This large supply of pellets is good piece
of mind when you are cooking over the course of multiple hours.. You won’t have to worry about running out
of fuel. The pellet hopper also has a window on the
front, perfect for getting a visual on how much fuel you have left. On the right side of this Woodwind SG, you’ll
find what makes this model unique, Camp Chef’s propane powered sear box. This is a great companion to the pellet grill
portion, for the times you want a quick high heat sear on something like steak. The grill grates are made out of enameled
cast iron, for heat retention, and beneath the grids you will see their perforated heat
diffuser plate, which radiates the infrared heat coming from the burner. You can tell from these steaks I cooked, this
sear box produces a nice all over crust. And hey guys, this sear box works great for
things you would typically cook on a gas grill, these burgers came out amazing on a lower
setting. To help with flare ups, there is also a flame
tamer that sits above the burner for additional protection. The burner beneath is rated for 16,000 BTU’s
and made of stainless steel for durability. Now let’s see what makes this thing a great
wood fired grill. Inside the Woodwind SG pellet grill, you will
notice their double rack cooking system. This provides a combined total of 811 square
inches of cooking space. Plenty of space to cook your whole meal at
once. The upper rack is divided into two removable
sections. Use them both when extra cooking space is
needed, or slide them back for storage when only using the bottom rack. The bottom grids measure 22 inches wide by
19 1/2 inches deep.. and to give it some scale I smoked these two large racks of ribs with
room to spare. The main cooking grids are enameled steel. Underneath the cooking grids, you’ll see
the Woodwind SG’s drip tray that is slightly angled to divert grease to the collection
bucket on the outside of the grill. The drip tray is also louvered, to help smoke
and heat circulate well throughout the cook. Underneath the drip tray of this grill, you
will find the heat deflector that sits above the pellet burn pot. With this deflector paired with the drip tray,
you’ll find the woodwind sg produces a really even cooking environment. I was able to bake this bread pudding golden
brown, and of course even heat is a must when smoking. Camp Chef also gives you the versatility to
cook over the direct flame of the burn pot, with thier “slide and grill”’s
as simple as just pulling this lever on the outside of the grill. I love being able to char grill my wings over
the wood fire and you just can’t beat flame broiled burgers. For temperature accuracy, the Woodwind SG
also comes with two temperature probes that connect to the digital control panel. They can be fed through this port on the side,
so that they do not get in the way of the lid securely shutting. The pellet hopper also has a bottle opener,
which is always nice to have close at hand. When it comes to cleaning, Camp Chef made
emptying the burn pot easy. Simply pull this lever at the bottom of the
grill, and the fire pot debris will fall into the ash cup beneath the grill. There is also a slide out drip pan under the
sear box, when cleaning is needed. When you want to clean out the hopper, or
switch pellet flavors on the fly, there is a pellet cleanout chute at the back of the
hopper. Thanks for watching today. If you have any questions about Camp Chef
and their products, give us a call, or visit us online.. and remember, at we
smoke the competition.

25 thoughts on “Camp Chef Woodwind SG Wood Fired Pellet Grill Review |”

  1. Yes, I'd like to order a WOODWIND SG Grill, those 2 slabs of ribs, a bag of pellets, and a pair of Grill Master Randy's cool sunglasses to go please.
    LOL! =D

  2. Just received my woodwind with side grill last week. Setup was easy about 1.5 hours solo. 55F outside and the burning at 350F the temperature swings from 325 to 375F over about 6-8 minutes. Then for the actual cook next day it was about 70F outside and the 250F setpoint would swing about 225 to 275F over about 6-8 minutes. Later turning it to HIgh Smoke (220F) it would smoke when more pellets are fed when it bounces off the low point 225F and then no smoke by time it hits 275F. Not sure if that's what others are seeing but seems like this is just how it works. Food was good and will probably use it over my charcoal grill for smoking. Customer service was very nice when dealing with a lost package too.

  3. Question! Mines on the way 🙂 wondering if you wrap the drip tray in foil when not using the open flame. And do you cut holes in the foil where the holes in the tray are? Love the fact that it has the holes but I’m just curious what’s the best way to go about keeping this thing clean

  4. Great video! Have you experienced any problems with the slotted drip tray when smoking? It seems that would allow more heat to come up directly to the meat and cook the bottom of the meat faster than the top. I know there is a heat deflector below the drip tray, but it still seems a solid (non-slotted) drip tray would be best to help dissipate the heat further when smoking.

  5. I don’t understand the low view count. Best review of this unit out there. Lots of backyard yahoos that drone on and on with little to no editing. Thank you for a highly useful review. This has helped me decide on which smoker to get.

  6. When that auger is feeding pellets literally direct into the burn do you not eventually end up with the pellets catching fire inside the auger tube?

  7. I have a brand new Camp Chef. I can tell you that operation wise and component wise, these pellet grills are using pretty much the same parts. So, new out of the box, my pellet auger would not turn. The auger had power it's little cooling fan would run, and the grill would stay on forever. But with no pellets in burn pot, you don't progress to cook. Replaced the auger motor. Fine. Next..after feed cycle and burn pot is full, I turn to temp. After a few minutes it trips GFCI..I replace GFCI..not the problem..I google…I replace the hotrod (heating element). The old one works..the new one works ..but the grill still trips out the GFCI. So, not the controller, not the GFCI, not the auger, same problem with 2 new hotrods…I think I'm down to temp control replace, or I don't know, ..or just run the damn thing on extension cord to standard outlet and defeat the GFCI protection which ain't a good way to go. These are obviously not Quality Control checked to see if they work before they go out the door.

  8. Will leaving the pellets in the hopper expose them to too much humidity during the summer in the Southeastern US? Or is it best to just load up what you expect to need each time and dump the remainder for storage if it'll be a week or so before your next cook?

  9. Wow. Honestly after researching practically every pellet grill on the market I think I will purchase this one. It does everything i want from a pellet grill.

  10. My final decision to purchase this grill was made after watching this video which was very detailed. It was very easy to assemble. I will say one thing about camp chef, they have something really great going, great ideas when it comes to the whole grilling and searing options. However quality control is not great for the amount of money I paid. Rusty areas and spots, gap on one side of the lid things like that.

  11. Not a bad unit, though Camp Chef needs to stop using that mild steel grabage. Their sear box is Stainless Steel but the rest of it is going to rust out.

    I dont understand why you have to spend 2k+ on the Memphis to get a stainless steel pellet grill.

    I own multiple camp chef products. They are not bad, but they dont last. I have their Everest camp travel stove and the Somerset II outdoor stove. No stainless steel and plenty of rust.

    If someone made a stainless steel outdoor stove on a cart I would gladly replace the camp chef.

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