100 thoughts on “Can A Real Meal Easy Bake Oven Cook Raw Meat? Macaroni & Cheese – Sloppy Joe Dinner”

  1. Wow I had this easy bake set growing up… I wanted it because I thought the warming area was a mini microwave 😂

  2. Oh uhm this is not the oven I was expecting I meant the other so… bai
    Ohh this was a year ago, and the other one from 4 years ago IS SO OLD OML

  3. Whoa, I recognize that little multi-color striped potholder from a toy kitchen set my sisters had… I wonder why something like that would make such an impression.

  4. Lucky Penny shop I am a fan and I am supporting the channel by being a subscriber and watching your videos when I have the time because I really enjoyed them😉😊

  5. Please do more of these Dave! I love ur channel and I’m 18 I’ve been watching you for so long but I stopped because you don’t do vids like candy makers or food makers or easy bake ovens anymore and I love these videos so so so so much! I would love to see more stuff from you like this. Also there’s a girl doll version of the creepy crawlers bug making kit and I hope you find it on eBay I wanna see it. Also I wanna see what else we can find like the new Barbie pooping dog taffy becomes butch’s girlfriend or something lol idk.

  6. Real meal for five bucks real meal for five bucks real meal for five bucks real meal for five bucks

  7. When you say it's a real meal for less than five bucks you're actually a hundred percent right in today's economy that is a real meal for less than $5

  8. Great job Dad! But would have to be a disaster for children. Burns aside, I can only imagine the mess that thing could create.

  9. i remember watching your videos when i was like 9, i'm 16 now but i still go to your old videos bc theyre so good

  10. When I was a kid I don't think I've ever had mac and cheese with sloppy joe like that before but what a great idea!!!!

  11. Grown man playing with toys?….and is stupid… “the Mac and cheese is kind of like Mac and cheese” lmao

  12. God I have been a subscriber for so many years now at least 6 maybe even longer, but I'd like to ask, what does your wife think of you playing with these little toys?

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