100 thoughts on “Can Binging With Babish Handle Pork Blood?”

  1. This actually was really touching to me because Josh was meeting one of his hero’s and you could tell he had a lot of respect for the guy.

  2. Chef josh blows me away every time he cooks something. He’s so talented and has so so much passion. You should do bugs. Like any type.

  3. I like to watch food shows as i eat (double my caloric intake- physically and visually) but I'll be real josh. This one was a little hard to do both at the same time.

  4. Dinuguan is a delicious pork blood dish. The times I've had it over rice, I couldn't taste the metallic taste of pig blood by itself.

  5. Honestly this is probably some of the best content on Mythical at the moment. I had to pause the vid multiple times for chuckle breaks. Also, speaking as a Filipino where it seems like everyone else eats dinuguan (pork's blood dish), I can't stand the stuff myself. The idea of it just makes me gag.

  6. I literally can't watch this video because they keep putting their teeth and scraping the silverware with it, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.
    I hope this ends well. I really tried

  7. Coagulated pork blood is pretty good with spring onions and garlic. My mom and grandma would order it at dim sum restaurants for me when I was a kid 😋

  8. "Oh, the blood comes through but just a little bit. Just enough to give you that like kind of sickening edge but I think In a good way".

    Definitely not insane.

  9. Dinuguan is genuinely tasty, maybe it's a Filipino thing since I've eaten it since I could remember but still, it can be good stuff if your willing to try

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