100 thoughts on “Can Chefs Make Sardine-Haters Change Their Minds?”

  1. whats the point of cooking something and then cover it all with other flavor ,like it's easyer to not just put it ,

  2. Yadi is too much, I don't often watch these videos because I find her too loud and obnoxious and recipes too basic.

  3. I usually don’t comment but this chef lady is a bit too much…it’s like she’s drunk or something. Definitely NOT a fan of hers

  4. Fresh sardines, gutted, butterfly it, spread a mixture of tomato paste salt pepper chilli garlic and lemon on it, coat in flour and fry. BEST THING EVER

  5. the girl in the orange shirt just straight up hates fishes no offense just saying you can't make someone like a certain food if … ya know

  6. 2:38 thats going to bring out the saltieness adds salt

    edit: can i have some subscribers i am a very small channel

  7. Nope, if I know something has sardines I'm physically and emotionally unable to eat the dish. I will gag and throw up just looking at it.

  8. why are all you guys hating on her she’s a passionate chef and if you don’t like her then don’t say anything.

  9. Gordon can. He will just shout at them and then insult them and call them an idiot sandwich until they say they love it

  10. Chef Yadi is LIFE! I can tell she'd be fun to learn cooking from and even more fun to go out with 😊.

    …I think I'm just crushin' on Chef Yadi lol 😍😍

  11. the female chef always hides the flavour of the disliked food whereas the male chef always embraces it and presents it in its best form

  12. Uk the girl in the pinkish shirt like her reaction to seeing the whole fish kinda is the stereotype of some asians that Americans don’t eat the whole fish

  13. I would maybe do a ceasar salad with sardine instead of anchovy and make a sardine olive oil to make the dressing

  14. Therw not sardine-hater, thats what we called spoiled people.

    Come on, I understand when people don't like vegetables and fruits but fish!

  15. I love how he makes the ingredient that these people hate the star and doesn’t try to hide it. Cook for me Ross pleaseeee 🙏😌❤️

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