100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Create These Twin’s Magical Feast?”

  1. When I was little I would always get upset how in cartoons they said kids don’t like vegetables when I loved vegetables I loved spinach and broccoli and squash and cucumbers and Brussel sprouts

  2. hii!!! im your bigest fan im 11 years old and i would love to be on your show im prob not going to tho and i watch you all the time!!!!!!!

  3. Before I only like Rie and Alexis but after watching episodes of I draw You cook, I think I starting to like Alix. Hehhehe! Your chefs are adorable!

  4. These chefs are so amazing. Alix is like the mom you wish you had when you were younger, and Alexis is like the person you just want to make private jokes with. Both of them are the type of person you want to try their food.

  5. They don't dont know what they want they said it doesn't look like a dragon that means you're drawing dosent look like a dragon retards idiots dummys

  6. Boys: "we hate ketchup"
    Alexis: puts ketchup in/on meat
    Guys please don't hate I love Alexis, oh and even if the ketchup does cook in ya know, I'm just saying

  7. When I was a little girl I had a favorite toy I always thought my stuffy, seaweed, I ate flies wrapped in leaves, clams that tasted like friut and green algee from pond, and I though he drank blue pond water. I think they'd have an awfully hard time making my childhood dream dish. Poor seaweed.

  8. Lol, this is like the vampire diaries but with dragons. One brother eats meat(Damon drank human blood) and the other brother eats vegetables(Stefan drank animal blood). :3

  9. Alix: I ate cat food by accident…
    Alexis: WhAt!?!? wHy!?!?
    Alix: idk it was on a fork. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Why is this the definition of me. I see food I eat it. Cause I’m a pig who likes to shove her face!

  10. Actually they are kind of the most grateful kids of The Whole show in my opinion

    iN mY oPiNiOn GuYs

    Edit: me sees the whole vid

    Also me changes mind about earlier

  11. Alexis is cooking food that a grown up would find more appealing. The vinaigrette dressing on the broccolis and fruit salad was a huge mistake 😂 she doesn’t think like a kid. Alice thinks like a kid which is why she’s good at this lol

  12. Alexis, no offense, is extremely confident. She is almost too confident. I honestly feel as if she looks down on Alix, thinking she has it all in the bag and is definitely going to win.

  13. Doesn't anyone love Alix's voice and accent? I think she should do a voice over in a kids show… she will be awesome with her personality

  14. alexis never fricking makes what the kids draw!
    and she always wins because of that it's not even fair, the whole point of this is to sorta challenge yourself to make what the kids draw. it's just not at all fair

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