100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Turn This Yeti Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty”

  1. Tasty! We NEED a video with Tj and Alvin on make it big ! Alvin can make tj a huge broccoli coconut cake! Hahaha. This was a great episode. Tj is so cute and funny and the chemistry between Rie and Alvin is life !!! Best episode ever!!!

  2. I wonder how rich I'd have to be to hire Rie as my personal chef…. I could tell her I want clouds for dinner and she'd pull it off.

  3. Love these two so much. Also Rie and her alcohol, and Alvin's "WHY DIDN'T THINK OF THAT? IM ASIAN TOO!" I'm dying, probs my favourite episode yet 😂💚#AsianPride

  4. Right when I watched how he describe stuff, I'm like
    "I love Tj, he's adorable and loveable." Look at his smile
    btw: If you're working on making a kid's imagination real, you gotta set your mind like the kid himself/herself.
    You just can't follow your logic

  5. Okay so I’m actually eight and I love broccoli, carrots, basically all vegetables but peas
    Oh right make that almost nine and loves baking

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