100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Follow A Recipe In A Different Language? • Tasty”

  1. So, what's the name of the dish? Missed it. I thought they would be cooking adobong manacc with tomato sauce?????????

  2. Unfortunately, I don't think that I could eat this. It looks absolutely delicious but they added a lot of cilantro. I have a genetic variant that makes cilantro taste like soap.

  3. As a Puerto Rican I LOVE this 😂 would love to see rie teach him something and I’m curious about what Filipino adobo dish y’all are talking about though so u just eat it out the bottle? 😂😂

  4. Omg I'm so proud of Rie hehehe. She got basically all of it!! 😀 I mostly only followed because I'm Filipino so there's a lot of shared words

  5. Ive met a girl named Randi Gaffeiro and I was like damn because randi means a whore in Hindi xD

  6. Yoooo the adobo though, one of the best things that have come from the philippines.

    Like this if your a fellow Filipino🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  7. I am a Filipino but I can understand almost half of what he is saying. Thanks for 300 years of Spanish colonization.

  8. This was so lovely , I love them both so much and they work well together. So sweet y ese pollo guisao looks yummy asf.

  9. I'm not a veteran but I grew up very close to Travis AFB and after high school I volunteered on base at a coffee shop run by the Chaplains and I made a ton of friends and when the tsunami hit, I volunteered at the Pax Terminal on base with Operation Pacific Passage to bring families from Japan from areas affected by the tsunami to the Bay Area. We found places for them to stay, families to sponsor them, set up emergency shelters in the Pax Terminal and got essential items together for the incoming families. It was very cool to see so many people working so hard to help people they didnt know solely bc they needed help.

  10. Even though Chinese sounds similar to it, but you should have Alvin teach you to cook a Chinese dish only speaking in Chinese. If he won't do it, I'll do it 🙂

  11. Me teaching Spanish to my English-speaking students: Pon… Esto… Ahí (slow, overly vocalized and accompanied with gestures).
    Him: Ponestavainaporallá! 🤣🤣

  12. When he told her to put an olive in some way that we Arabians say it in,i was like wow we too pronounce it zaytona زيتونة

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