100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Hide A Mystery Ingredient in Brownies? • Tasty”

  1. Hey Guys! Matthew here! 😀 WOW! this was a CRAZY afternoon at work haha! Of course being me, my brain went WILD and I ended up doing FOUR pickled vegetables and didn't just keep it simple with one lol. I tend to always make things more complicated then they need to be, but hey, that just's how I am! this was a fun challenge and they tasted great so YAY! Also, all these brownies were DEVOURED by our Tasty team after the shoot in like 5 minutes! Would you guys try these brownies I made?

  2. I just rewatched the video and wondered what would happen if he got cheese or allium or pork 😂

  3. An aunt of mine has kids that are SUPER PICKY about flavors (not foods, just flavors), and the bitter taste of vegetables is one of them, so my aunt learned to mask the flavors with other things, like veggie desserts (yeah, not that common, but she makes those) and savory foods like eggplant parmesan. Not to hide them, but show her kids ‘yeah, they don’t HAVE to taste like crap.’

  4. My friend always used to hide something in his brownies, it made them taste better and gave me a real kick, haven’t seen him since the police took him away…

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