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  1. Aww I think you needed a glass of water in with the crust, maybe? Not in it but next to it( or on top in its own glass) or glazing it with oil or butter?

  2. Its either she doesn’t know how to cook using a microwave OR that microwave has complicated buttons. Mine so straightforward, defrost-low-mid-high heat. Minutes and seconds button.

    Give her a 2nd chance to redeem her confidence level

  3. Alexis always attempts high quality culinary complex feats she learned in culinary school. She'll have a match stick and try to make filet mignon and caviar and a dessert.She nearly started a fire. I dare you to use a lighter.

  4. I have that microwave, not sure how she was having trouble with getting it to work, lol. Though I have noticed that microwave have a tendency to burn things in the middle no matter what you do.

  5. If it were me dessert would be a breeze, simply serve a mug cake. Oh and by the way to get boiling water from the microwave three minutes, that’s how I make my tea.

  6. No no! You need to get the bacon up on something so it doesn't sit in its own grease. Perhaps put a bowl upside down on a plate, and lay the bacon on the bottom of the bowl! Also, 1 minute per slice +/- depending on your preferred crispiness.

  7. You could have very easily made spaghetti in the microwave, before I got a stove that was my go to meal in the microwave its really good

  8. When I first watched one of this episode which was the iron, it made me think 'Ah this is a professional chef and she was being challenged to use appliances not for cooking.' But as I watch each episode, she is just like everyone of us when reacting (her face is like me when I make mistake lol). It kinda sucks to see her disappointed whilst cooking. I experienced it too and it was frustrating! It would affect the taste of the food. But she made it through so good job! I guess she shouldn't be too confident right away as things would turn around any moment. It's hard to think of something to cook on the spot and you could feel the pressure. I'd probably panic and made a mess if I was her. T-T

  9. I grew up with a Eureka lemon tree in the front yard. Eureka lemons are the real lemons and Meyer lemons are for people with no taste.

  10. I can make a 7-course meal good taste amazing in microwave but if I do it in anything else it gets destroyed and like I've stated to my family more than once the microwave is communist that's a story I don't want to tell

  11. So a while ago i was trying to heat up a cookie. For 20 seconds. Somehow i put in 20 MINUTES and didint notice that it wasint beeping while I was in the bathroom, when I went back to expect a defrosted cookie, i came back to a FLAMING MESS.
    Life tip, always double check the cooking time.

  12. "make somthing but your not allowed to know how the thing your using to cook stuff with works or its effects on things your cooking"

  13. okay but microwave oven – that means it would also have an oven function?? We have one like that at home, she could've also used that function for the dough probably

  14. Broooo! She didn't know eggs explode in the microwave, why does tasty insist on calling her a chef, she's a Tasty producer, not a chef or at least she doesn't talk like she has any knowledge aside from the basics

  15. The Microwave Saved me in college. Want a part 2 of the Microwave after you look up all the things you can cook in the Microwave.

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