100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Blender? • Tasty”

  1. Good thing the taste tester didn't have, say… a nut allergy, or you know, something the chef should've been made aware of before they got halfway through the cooking process. Geez…

  2. I feel like she must have known before about the „no-dairy“-thing as she made the mousse avocado-based and the other stuff nut-based. Still the editing and the way she was told by the producer was a bit off…

  3. Thatz funny…do not (⏸ pause/scratch the record sound effect) put dairy on there lol. Alexis: Eh, huh, what do mean…u r messing up my creative processeses/juices…who is thiz taste tester…y I oughtta

  4. Wow. Im rewatching the whole series, and I never noticed how rude the producer was here 😑 And Alexis is a sweetheart, so unneccessary and unprofessional

  5. yall are dumb as fuck thinking she didnt know BEFORE she started cooking that she couldnt use dairy. a bitch made vegan ricotta to emulate ricotta for her lasange instead of just ricotta before being told not to put parm in her pesto. lol

  6. Can this chef make a 3 course meal with "tube light" I am saying this because tube light is very hot when it turns on for so long so I think this is better than blender because you get heat and you can cook with it and obviously if you can do with blender you should definitely try tube light or bulb..

  7. The cheese was sitting the FOR A WHILE, the producer could have said something in between shots or at the very fucking beginning. She deserves the hate she’s getting, she came off as a bitch and could have prevented that if she told Alexis from the start.

  8. The producer acted like a ARROGENT BITCH…she couldve gave her the MEMO BEFORE recording and have been more sweet, feminine and polite about not adding dairy…she acted like a grouchy bitter divorced woman

  9. They really should have mentioned the dairy thing. You're supposed to inform a chef of any food allergies before they begin preparing the meal. I'm a cook and I have a dairy allergy, both can be annoying as fuck. The chocolate mouse could have went badly as well if it wasn't dark chocolate. Producer fucked up on that one.

  10. Wow, ya'll so rude… Maybe they chose Merle as the tester halfway through the shoot? Because they saw the vegan friendly menu or direction that Alexis took.
    And the producer sounded rushed… I don't know how that is rude, stop being so uptight

  11. I think Alexis knew about the no dairy thing, she just forgot. Otherwise, she wouldn't work so hard to make everything non dairy.

  12. you can actually cook with heat in a blender. if you put water in it, it will actually heat up fairly quickly and can get up to boiling in a few minutes. you could have used that hot water to melt the chocolate, and even could make eggs or hollandaise sauce ni there. a cooked squash soup would have also been a great idea for making with the blender as it will actually cook if left to blend.

  13. Video was going well, until the producer spoke up about the dairy. You should've told her that at the beginning, and came off really freaking rude. If that was me, I wouldn't have reacted as Alexis did!

  14. Could’ve said like “Hey you can’t add any dairy for today’s video because of the taste tester” at the start so she could have at least planned it stupid producer…

  15. I think that the producer isn’t being rude because I think that she did tell alexis but she forgot because most of her stuff was veggie based and on the first dish she made she added mooch which is a vegan cheese so the producer in my opinion is not rude and I’m not trying to be rude

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