72 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Clothing Iron? • Tasty”

  1. Just had to put it out there but please use don't iron on Aluminium like that. Al is very reactive but it doesn't react at room temperature because it has formed a layer of Aluminium oxide on it when exposed to air and aluminium oxide(Al2O3) is inert and doesn't react really, but when the temperature is raised the aluminium reacts with the food and eating that food can cause many severe problems and that's why it's also recommend not to put hot food in aluminium foils.

  2. Something tells me that cooking on a clothing iron is never going to make my life simple or convenient or even pleasurable.

  3. You guys should start a new series where you challenge people to make a dish but without any tools(no knife, no cutting board, etc)

  4. Meh. I went to boarding school and we took clothing iron to the next level. Cooking egg or making Milo bar by ironing the 3-in-1 Milo packet. Used an electric kettle to cook instant noodles in it. Seems legit as long as food is cooked 💁

  5. 1. 3 course meal using only a steamer (🤔)
    2. 3 course meal using only an easy bake oven (because oven)
    3. 3 course meal using only an electric mixer (because she always complains about not having one)

  6. Steam it like in packages of foil? You got this! Also the iron has a steam feature. 🙂 Maybe? But kudos because amazing to see this, it's harder than an open fire!

  7. Let her use a hand mixer in conjunction with other things!!!!! Jfc watching her whip cream by hand in these just makes me sad. That's a human rights violation

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