100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Microwave Again? • Tasty”

  1. wait so.. a chef who does and knows a lot about baking cakes in the microwave (mug cake) says to keep the higher power? hum.. the cake gets fluffier for longer if you do it more time less power tho!!

  2. Hi Alexis, I'm a university student and I live in a very small 9 square feet room so there is no room for a kitchen. That is why on the daily basis, I have to cook with a microwave, a boiler and a rice cooker. So I challenge you to cook with a rice cooker! Hope you see this and make it happen!

  3. My mum taught me how to perfectly poach eggs in a microwave and it has never failed

    Put an egg in a ramekin or a small lipped bowl put cling wrap on it and then put it in the microwave for a minute and a half and you’re set

    Literally had poached eggs on toast every meal for 3 weeks after learning this

  4. Thatz so funny…better…better than research (what could possibly be better than research (eyebrow goes ☝ up?)) Hope u like my parentheses within parentheses 😄 haha.

  5. lol that dinosaur actually got me for a fraction of a second 😄 it jumped out of nowhere growling…..did not expect that haha.

  6. interview a variety of chefs and ask them their favorite thing to cook with/favorite gadget. then tell them they can cook only using that item

  7. Maybe this will help : not all microwaves work the same , be careful with eggs and water , u cant put these two in some microwaves if not they will explode

  8. I’ve been making lasagne in the microwave for years! No one ever knows it’s done in the microwave and the best part…you don’t precook the noodles & you use regular lasagne noodles. They cook in the sauce as the lasagne bakes, so it always comes out beautifully set & delicious. Only takes 10 mins to put together and 30-45 mins to cook depending on the microwave. 😀

  9. 8:44 don't judge a book by it's character???? Cover! LMAO 10:06 11:26 how that be happening????? 11:43 really like ghost! lmao i am not lied

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