100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Rice Cooker? • Tasty”

  1. There is nothing wrong with the rice cookers you need to hold the button down with a heavy spoon it will stay in place

  2. There are many ways to cook using rice cooker! In Indonesia especially college students usually do some creation of foods using rice cooker!

  3. I usually jam a thick folded paper at the top part of the cook/warm part so that it won't go to warm, ehehhehehe

  4. you can put a thick paper or something there to prevent rice cooker to go from cooking to warm mode i do alot when i was in my dome and did not have a pot but after graduated i dont do that any more

  5. I've encountered the 'going to warm setting' problem and what I found out is that you have to keep the rice cooker weighed down. The cake becomes lighter when cooked that's why the problem occurred.

  6. I constantly wonder how they keep the meal as a whole warm until everything is cooked? Like no way they’re serving it cold to be judged

  7. I used to date this cunt. She's not s chef. She made an omelet once when she was 10 and then blogged about it 20 years later and thats how she got the job.

  8. I love how she stares down the taste testers eager for their reaction and comments. It’s something I can relate to as a chef.

  9. 0:22 “At the end a surprise guest will come on”
    Sorry chef a surprise isn’t a surprise anymore if you show the surprise guest lmao

  10. 9:53 ok. So she isn’t supposed to mimic that with a whisk…you should use a spatula soooooooo…but really good job! Great creativity

  11. We keep it on cook when sautéing and stuff by wedging a piece of folded card above the cook/warm button to keep it on "cook" and get the heat going.

  12. you guys should really stop using a weird face as the thumbnail it comes across like some stupid clickbait shit I'm surprised I actually really enjoyed this. It makes her seem dumb or wouldn't put in any real effort when she does just the opposite.

  13. The first half of the video just makes me frustrated since rice cookers just switch to Cook to Warm whenever the temp gets above 100 C, since that means there's no more water/steam and all the water has absorbed into the rice. It took minutes before she finally put some onions in…

  14. can we talk about how fancy those rice cookers look? Like my asian ass only used the simple asian rice cooker from the asian market

  15. Gotta comment on this one…. Prisoners make 5 course meals with only a "hot pot" that doesn't do anything but warm the water up… And the food tastes better than stuff I've had at restaurants!

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