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hi I’m RIA I’m a tasty producer today I’ve been challenged to take a common food and make it fancy the roads are you must completely use the food given I hope you guys give me something you can only up to the food you can buy whatever ingredients you wish once you begin cooking you must complete upgraded a dish in 30 minutes let’s see what I have to make fancy this time drum roll box mac and cheese actually I’ve never had a box mac and cheese before in order to make it fancy I have to try it first can somebody make it for me and can I try this it’s very suspiciously yellow let me taste it it’s good but I want to make it better that’s Tom Eric Tom Erica is very funky ingredients so I’m gonna just make it an Ocoee fancy here’s what I got uncle time Presley shallot garlic and lobster it’s no saw things from pantry milk sherry bitch blows butter tomato paste in flour let’s get started thank you so I set up my station in order to make everything go symmetry I set up three stones 30 minutes start now first thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna stop boiling water I’m going to make bechamel which is whistles it’s la Nova mother cells in French cuisine two tablespoons of the butter heat up two cups of milk and I’m going to cut garlic it’s a two tablespoon of flour so you have to make sure it’s low heat so flour is absorbing all the fat then you are going to add heated milk when i tasted mac and cheese it was very strong flavor so I kind of want a new try that usually you don’t add garlic for classic bechamel but I think it’s gonna be a good kick to the thing I’m making right now meanwhile I’m gonna toss some panko and I’m adding time so when I was eating the box mac and cheese it was just like same texture over and over I wanted to make something crunchy on top so bechamel looks good you can test with spatula just run your finger and this it’s done so I’m toasting panko it’s getting nice color so I think it’s ready I’m gonna set it aside I almost have 20 minutes which is great but I’m nervous cause I’m talking and it’s the same time so like I’m gonna just keep doing stuff I go over started so lobster it’s not as expensive as I saw we found that she Pat’s $4 or lobster tail but it’s still fancy right I chose the lobster because it’s cooked super quickly so I’m going to put in a hot water at soon as I change color I’m gonna take it out which eats two to three minutes so love a side cooked I almost have 16 minutes left I think I can make it within 30 minutes but I’m not sure I’m going to cut shallow why Lobster is cooling down towel it’s milder is an onion so it doesn’t have a sharp flavor so I’m just winging it I’m making South America but I’m just like doing some choka I’m going to the shell right scissors so you’re kind of inserting Caesar it’s inside of the shell break with your hand it’s a little bit sharp so you can you stall like that well I’m going to and I just decided to use the water that I boiled always start with it smells so good and the lobster shell goes in it will give a good flavor you are going to our tomato paste it’s gonna be the fun part I’m gonna flambe flooding it’s not scary at all just make sure nothing around the flammable so I’m raising the temperature of the heat from their fancy the reason you flambe it’s just remove this alcohol flavor if you don’t want to do flambe that’s totally fine just high heat bring it to a boil so alcohol evaporates I just used sherry but if you don’t have sherry you can use brandy I’m just winging it so the guy manages our veggie for us probably like a half cup and then I’m going to cook macaroni in it wait so the package said it’s cooked seven to eight minutes and I’m gonna just do for a minute and see the picture because I don’t want to overcook it I’m gonna add more vegetables cause it’s already looking a little make sure this is a little loose white it’s going I’m going to chop lobster just like by sides let’s check the tenderness of the I’m gonna stop cooking codes on its Oh then they it’s a little hard right now and Vishal Mel is heating up so I’m going to all the cheese pocket Wow it’s very yellow how did it achieve it’s a little weird but it’s developing very well I’m going to take off shell which is super easy cuz like this shell is big I’m going to add this in here let me check the flavor it’s very nice a little bit nervous about timing because I’ve never made a box mac and cheese before [Applause] to make it whenever stroke and even when the couch out of the pot okay I’m gonna keep it going cuz it’s okay Oh heavy just sprinkle some Lobster on top put some punk on top and I’m gonna just bake you know then just refresh it because everything gets cooked I have two minutes left and I’m gonna just cook it until timer goes off and I may be I’m gonna chop some parsley you know like I have two minutes let’s do that so I have five seconds left so I’m gonna just sprinkle parsley and me a punch I made it in 30 minutes it was like a scream I’m gonna try this and I have a feeling it’s gonna be very decadent and rich and delicious nice Lobster chunk [Music] I make lobster mac and cheese mmm do you want to try I do but here’s what you have to do a dance no no I don’t make fun alright if I like it I’ll dance about that okay you know just like when you’re venturing around Italy and you see that like couple getting like a nice plate of something or ask the waiter I’ll have what they’re having this is like the thing that they’re having that you’re like let me get some – do I make it fancy girl you know you made it been safe make it easy there we go okay so here’s my favorite pasty produce our favorite friend okay wow you made bucks mac and cheese fancy so you know how we do make it fuzzy you’re going for seconds thirds take your friends yes it seems like everyone loves it I totally encourage you to make at home if you make it at me on Instagram show me your fish and show me your dance make it fancy this dish is over some song what’s kind of song love semester mac and cheese mac and cheese we try to be Beyonce every is gonna get out [Applause] [Music] you

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