100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy?”

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  2. Niki: “Can you be my grandma?”

    Rie thought wtf she is twice my size and looks pretty much the same age as I do… “why can’t I be your mom?” Try to be polite try to sound polite. You b*tch.

  3. This is an authentic suzhounese dish called 两面黄, which literally means both wide golden brown/yellow, best thing is the seasonal river shrimp/crab with all the veggies and make it thick and pour it on the fried noodles!! Best thing everrr

  4. This chef is so cool
    If anyone relates tell me Rie is like Yuri from doki doki litriture club has a knife obsession like me

  5. nobody's gonna point out that it literally says 18th of November 2019?
    I mean, im writing this on the 5th of November 2019..
    ok then

  6. i was genuinely concerned when rie didn't brink out any alcohol when listing out the ingredients…then she pulled out the sake bottle and i was like "that's my girl!"

  7. I absolutely love how Rie is so calm and relaxed…..
    In Cookery Competition Shows, when the timer starts, the contestants are like: HSJSJSNWUEMENSJSMJWIWMSNSUDKEKSMXNDURYYUEY

  8. Me before watching this:** adds egg to ramen** boom fancy ramen

    Me after watching this:*with my ramen and egg* whatever at least it tastes good

  9. “No nutritional value”…….
    Girl I LITERALLY ate that exact brand of Ramen 2 times a day for 2 years in college 😂😂😂 broke college kids wouldn’t survive if it weren’t for Ramen 🍜

    Side note: I’m not saying she is wrong, she is right and honestly they are packed with sodium. I’m just saying that Ramen was all I could afford in college. It was either Ramen for lunch and dinner, or a nice big bowl of air for lunch a dinner….😂

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