100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make SPAM Fancy? • Tasty”

  1. Ok I’m going to need them to stop disrespecting our beloved Rie and do the damn dance !! She asked for ONE THING !!! You eat her food but don’t wanna do the dance 🤬 make it fancy motherfuckers.

  2. Just a thought, but do you guys cook spam? There was this kids react video where the kids just ate it raw. Like, they just ate the block of meat. I’ve always fried it. Do you guys just eat it raw too? Is that normal?

  3. Dude these guys r such dweebs this lady is awesome and her dance is so cute wtf r they doing not doing the little dance??!

  4. It looks so good! But I’m 10 and it has wine so I can’t eat it…..unless I take it.. ASMR MAKES SPAM LOOK SO FANCY ANS SHE JUST MAD EIT FANCIER YASS I WNST IT

  5. https://neave.com/share/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fstrobe.cool%2F&text=Wow!%20I%20just%20hallucinated%20with%20Strobe%20Illusion:

  6. Rie,Andrew and Inga you guys are my favorite.i watched so many your food series pleae try some Srilankan dishes as well.good luck

  7. Alix’s rap
    Rie made spam
    That comes in a can
    I’m not a fan
    But this is my jam

    Mixed it with rice
    Fried up nice
    Put on some basil
    Didn’t think twice

    She made it fancy
    I did a dancy
    Make it fancy
    Make it fancy

  8. Rie Please Please come out with an “Make It Fancy Cookbook” !!! I would love to try some of the recipes you create!!

  9. Spam Lite is my jam! Regular Spam is just a little too oppressive in the flavor department, but Lite is like manna from Heaven.

  10. My boyfriend had me try spam with Mac and cheese, which was pretty good! I prefer treat over spam but i make it with chopped jalapeño peppers, onion, and tomatoes! It’s actually really delicious!😁

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