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Smash burgers, these are the burgers that
changed my life. It is by far the best burger in the world. After sharing my recipe with you guys
last time you asked me to make a wagyu smashed burger.
I’m excited to find out because Wagyu is fantastic. But at the same time, is it
worth making a burger out of it? There’s no way that I’m gonna let you down and
we’re gonna find out together. So let’s do it! This is an Australian Wagyu shoulder clod. When I first got it I thought it was picanha. As you can see it
has very similar shape but it’s not picanha. I thought process was that
shoulder clod would be perfect to make burgers out of it. I don’t think we
should be using a Japanese Wagyu a5 it’s way too much fat. However shoulder clod by itself it is not enough. The first thing I need to do is make some ground
beef out of this Wagyu. So I started off by slicing it, and when I did this is
what it looks like. The marbling on this piece of meat is incredible. I’ve used
regular shoulder clod be fore and it looks nothing like this. Now in order to
make smash burgers we have to grind it up and as you can tell the meat still
partially frozen and that’s what you’re looking for when you’re gonna grind your
own meat. When you’re cutting them open the only thing you’re looking for is
small pieces so that it will fit in your grinder. Let me tell you something this
piece of meat is extremely marbled. There’s also a small piece of silver
skin in the middle. Since we’re gonna be making burgers it’s not a big deal.
But you can tell there’s not enough fat, so we need to supplement and for that I
have some Japanese wagyu A5 fat. Every time I show this type of fat
everyone says fat is fat, however not all fats are the same. To better explain I
try to pick this one up it is frozen and by me handling it it starts melting in
my fingers. The closest thing to it I can think of is butter. It just melts quickly
and if you are working with it you need to work fast. Doesn’t only feel different
it tastes different. While it’s still frozen and before it kept melting even
more I put it in my grinder and using the thickest die I grind it all up. Once
I was done this is what it looks like. Then it was time to grind up the wagyu
meat. Now when grinding it I had a very different
experience than regular meat. Usually you double grind things with this one
there’s no way I could do that. The meat is way too soft so instead of
double grinding it I decided to grind it only once. Now I like my burgers with a
ratio of 80% of meat and 20% of fat. After measuring both of them I just got
to combine everything together and mix it well. As I mentioned the Wagyu fat is
like butter and started melting inside of the meat. Then I went on to making my
meatballs. And just like before I do like to measure them that will make sure that
every single one is even. As you can tell from this footage the fat is already
melting if you’re not interested on grinding your own meat and mixing them
together you can buy them already pre-made and it’s just as good. And
moving on forward I’m definitely gonna choose that route. My brother Emilio from
Grand Western Steaks will hook me up next time, and if you’re interested check out
the description down below. Now to have a fair comparison I’m using
regular ground beef with the same ratio 80% lean in 20% fat. I follow the exact
same process and weighted every single meatball. For a better comparison here
are both of them together I know the one on the right is good, actually it’s
amazing but I never had the one on the left. This is getting me super excited I
have a feeling this is gonna be good. For the sauce I kept a pretty simple threw
in a little bit of mayo, followed by ketchup, yellow mustard for some
aesthetic I threw in a little bit of ponzu sauce and finished it up with my
favorite hot sauce. And remember exact amount and ingredients always in the
description down below. Now there’s left to do is mix it well
and my sauce is done. For my buns just like the previous video
I’ll be using brioche. Now let’s talk about the cheese usually I just use the
cheapest one there is, but today we’re gonna upgrade it and use the deluxe
version. Oh boy this one should be better. I know last time you guys told me I
should not use American cheese but let me tell you something for this burger
there’s nothing better and come on this is the deluxe version hashtag go easy on
the comment section. But now that we have everything ready I say it is enough
talking and it is time to make some amazing smash burgers. So let’s do it! alright everybody you asked for it you
asked for it and you asked for it. We had to have Chris back here with us.
So we, you guys saw it, they were making it together with me. I gotta say that wagyu
has a lot of fat on it. I felt like jelly. Yeah when you were, it’s a
completely different texture I know a lot of you will think fat is fat, no
it’s different. It’s weird man is weird. If it melts too fast – it’s like. When you hold it. Yeah it’s
like butter all the time. Yeah falls it falls into pieces. Exactly it’s hard
to explain it if you never held on your hands but it’s just like as soon as I
put it on the thing well I hope that he came trough the camera I don’t know I works
but usually. It desintegrated. Another thing I’m gonna tell you if you’re gonna do a wagyu smash
burger when you’re smashing it it’s hard to take it out because it’s just butter.
Right it gets stuck. Not only stuck it’s like you just start disintegrating. But
anyway I think it’s enough talking they want to know which one is better
but I have not told you which one is which. Oh that’s right.
You know which one it is which one is it? No. By looks Angel? The one that taste better. Wow we’re gonna see it
everybody yes let’s go for it go for it. Go for the one on the right right. Right is
always right. Yes cheers everybody! Oh that’s good! This is the regular one. How do you know is the regular one? I ain’t gonna forget that taste! It is amazing! Smash burger is always fantastic
everybody. It is incredible it is a nice taste, it is juicy it is wet because of
the cheese well. And the sauce. And the sauce, the sauce is kind of a little bit
sweet so you have a little bit of sweet tanginess together with the beef. Wow!
So good. That’s amazing. I can eat this. I’m happy with this one boy.
Okay let’s go for the second one the one on the left you ready for it?
Cheers! Cheers everybody! Oh that one is extra juicy! You might have done something. What do you think Chris? It’s a success! The flavor is different. Yeah. The mouth feels different everything is
different. It’s awesome it’s great. What do you think Angel? Which one is which? This is wagyu. This is wagyu you can tell. Yeah you can tell right away. This much like creamier I guess it’s
creamier that’s the word I was looking for. It’s smooth. It’s like in creamier, smooth, buttery,
You can taste the fat. You can taste the dif…It’s different everybody you can tell. The flavor profile is little bit nicer. Yeah more of a kick. And it has a wonderful aftertaste in the end you’re
like it just lingers in your mouth that little beefy flavor with the
caramelization of the beef. This is good. This is a winner bro. Thank God I was invited. To answer the
final question is this worth doing it? Yeah. Yeah it is. It is right? It’s worth
burning down your house though. Yeah. You’lI burn your house down? I wasn’t expecting much because I thought
you know burger is a burger, but when you change the beef it makes a huge
difference. I hope you give it a shot if you don’t want to put the work and
mix all the meat together with the fat you know you could buy it already made
which is easier you just go in your house and make it and chop it up and
you’re ready to go. But anyway guys these are the results I hope you enjoyed this
video if you do enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up. If you’re
not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re
interested in anything I use, everything is always in the description down below.
Thank you guys for watching we’re gonna enjoy as you saw it we have a few more
burgers to cook. And we are out everybody. Take care bye bye. Oh my god let me have mine at least. I’ll
cook you guys more we have more take it easy bro. Let me have mine please. At least you said please because you said please. Cuz this thing is good! See on the next one everybody take
care bye bye.

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