hey guys welcome back to my channel if
you’re new here I’m Lizzy I have Milli right here and what are you doing
with all this bubble gum so we have all of this gum laid out right here it’s
hubba bubble bubble tape and it also says that each one of these rolls has
over or exactly six feet wait right do you six feet tall yeah I’m 6 feet tall
so it should be open what is up and see if this thing is actually six feet yeah you gotta unroll all of it it is
actually really tall oh it smells so good mmm
okay let’s I’m gonna stand right up against the wall like this and I’m
exactly six feet tall so I measure me and see if it comes out to exactly my
height yep okay Carter you stand there and I’ll measure you okay well the gum
broke do you want to try a piece no I fell on the floor you don’t want to try
some Wow it’s actually really guy forgot how good it was okay so here it is this
is six feet hey this is probably more than six this is way taller than six
feet cuz I’m only this tall it’s up to above my head perfect I like six too
okay so there’s at least there’s over six feet in these things oh good so
there’s definitely at least six feet of gum in each one of these things and we
have a lot of them so wait what are we doing with them okay so we’re gonna see
what happens to them when we boil it boil it okay well now that we know that
we have six feet of tape in each roll yeah so now that we know that there’s
six feet of tape in each roll we are going to try to cook it so we’re gonna
try to pan fry it we’re gonna try to boil it and we’re
whoa cookin let’s start with the slow cooker says it’s going to be slow place
it in the middle try to get in there perfectly without it falling apart whoa
okay there it is what’s again doing something well it’s
unraveling wait is it like melting it looks like it’s getting very bendy and
soft let’s let that sit in there and we’ll come back to it later cuz it is a
slow cooker so let’s go over and put some of this bowl bomb on a frying pan
Carter doesn’t know this yet but after we finish cooking all three different
ways of gum we are going to taste test them and by we I mean Carter cuz you I
don’t want to eat that stuff not our pans and we got the stove so let’s fire
things up and get to it okay we got the big pan Liz yeah and you’re going with
the little pan what why do I get the little pin because you’re um frying the
bacon okay so I’m boiling mine in boiling hot water and you’re just gonna
fry yours do you want some olive oil yeah I need a little bit of oil to put
in there cuz I’m gonna try to fry it like a piece of like bacon or like meat
or something mmm I wonder what oh please like after you fry it fried bubblegum
guys my water is already boiling okay should I put chewed gum or just braga
can’t you to dispose regularly here goes nothing oh it’s like noodles yes it’s
like gum spaghetti well it’s all ready to cook
something’s happening wait whoa whoa what’s happening look at it what it’s
like it’s getting like sandy it’s getting a Pisac clumpy okay guys why
don’t you pull some out see if it’s ready just a little I don’t know if it
is ready just grab a piece yeah oh is it all sticky
what is this stuff look Liz why don’t you put some morning it’s like another
roll the whole thing yeah don’t even unwrap it just put it in on like all
together okay plop it in don’t splash yourself yeah it
smells so weird it looks like an onion oh it just turns
into this what is that okay I’m gonna let this big roll cook Carter why don’t
you try frying some up on your pan okay now it’s my turn I am going to try
cooking an entire roll but instead of putting it in boiling water I’m gonna
fry it like bacon strips these are my little like mini bacon
strips of gum and I’m gonna fry them and see if I can get them all nice and
crispy okay so I got a couple I got oh did you see that it’s melting look it
doesn’t cook but it’s oh yeah I think I’m gonna put the entire roll in now
okay I’m gonna let that cook I’m gonna put just a little bit of water in there
just to kind of help it cook we got chef Carter he is pan searing his gum this is
all squishy dough yeah I just yeah I just chopped it I can serve you a piece
of here already oh I would not eat that Carter I have an
idea I’m gonna chew a whole wad a six-foot-long what the whole thing
yeah I’m gonna put it in and you’re gonna cook it yeah okay here goes
what that’s how you’re supposed to eat it no look my fans out okay you try it
then I’ll try it mm-hmm this would be fun I’ve never
tried this before well you’re not supposed to take a bite out this side
let me show you how you’re supposed to do it you’re supposed to pull it out
like that and then you close it and the container is supposed to they cut it for
you whoa do you know that it was like you’re
probably burning tongs yeah ooh I got an idea let’s see how
long your faces I wonder how much I have left I’m ready
like starting to fill up my mouth that’s your chewed gum this is so gross
it’s so gross fighting there really chew it because it’s like like this part is
for sure tuned cause like earth might be slimy but this part isn’t really chewed
well don’t okay I mean I put this big wad of bubble gum into my concoction
over here whoa what’s happening Carter you’re supposed to keep an eye on it
Wham well that’s like turning into like a paste of some sort okay I’m throwing
this away you’re chewed gum and there is so gross
so it makes it look better it’s like appetizing fine line comment
down below hashtag bubble gum what you guys would eat this ya bum whoa it’s
like melting on the sides I should flip it your government’s bubbling Carter
yeah this is gross would you eat it no what if I gave you a dollar okay look at
that I don’t know what’s going on with that I’m gonna keep cooking this and see
if I can keep melting it okay let’s check up on mine it smells really good
yes I think it took sugar in it since its turning brown oh sorry normalize the
sugar so it’s like more like a caramel flavor this is like a liquidy gross ness
should we like put it in a bowl I’m put in the fridge yeah we sure let’s do that
so let’s pour this into the guys I just found Carter’s chewed gum wad I might
put it in like hey I think I’m gonna put it in a display case you should sell
this on eBay for $100 we should party shared chewed gum time to check up on
the slow cook to come yeah oh it’s like getting paler what is that hmm okay it’s
definitely cooking I’ll tell you that well ours turning pink Wow it might
change the color a little it’s like expanding they look out of the water
like Wiggles it yeah it’s kind of gross should I like try to
fish it apiece out yeah and dry eat it Oh like soggy oh
it’s so like fragile and soggy gross wait it’s dark pink yes gaining its
color back there it is yeah there you get to try some of this no you try it
check it out Oh dinner is served so after we finished cooking the gum in
the three different ways we are going to try them so this is the slow-cooked gum
we have gum in the freezer that was embroiled in water and we have Carter’s
gun which was pan-seared up first we have the slow-cooked a bubble gum
that you can see in the middle here the other two pieces are the garnish to make
it nice and fancy doesn’t even smell like gum anymore really you smell it
fuzz a little bit it doesn’t it’s not as smelly as this yeah yeah that’s right so
it lost its smell a little bit and it’s a little bit darker in color Liz why
don’t you give it a bite oh no well you cook that what so you
should try it what do you mean you want me to try that
yeah okay this is really gross it’s better just try it you know it’s like oh how is it is it good okay oh okay I
think I spit that out you know what’s really weird about that
thank you gum it stays in your mouth and it’s like gummy but I started to
dissolve into like nothing oh and then I want to swallow it all and
that’s like gum inside your stomach that’s like not yeah they stuck in your
something they’re like years I don’t know so this was all gross it’s not even
gum anymore I just turned into a bunch of sugar and pink stuff okay well let’s
move on to the pan-fried gum is that mine mm-hmm okay I’ll go grab it okay so
this is my hand fried gum whoa it’s hard now
what happened to okay this is like the opposite look how hard that is is it
still hot it’s a little warm still let me see if I can scoop it peace out okay
let’s see you though it’s it’s cooled off yeah oh it’s like crumbly whoa I got
like crumbling apart yeah okay try it what me you’re gonna try it no you’re
the official gum taste tester I mean I am pretty good at tasting stuff yeah so
I should try it mm-hmm fine okay so it’s not bad no you
know okay fun well like to it and see if it’s chewable how’s that one
hmm is that one melting too or not a little bit say ah why don’t we try yours
that you oh okay let me go see if it’s ready okay and remember guys liz is when
she was cooking it she like chewed a big wad of gum and then put it back in her
cooking which is gross I’m definitely I kind of try this on my own make Liz try
this one for sure why I know but you chewed a wad this is
Duncan in there so you have to taste this one and you have to do it because
we taste so the other one you have to taste it because you’re the only one who
can compare it nope okay fine I’ll try it really you’re gonna try it yeah but
like you know ready wait what right yeah you barely touched it yeah you’re ready
to to just try hitting it again yeah look how stringy it is that’s really
gross hmm that’s delicious you like it actually we just tried all
the three different gums that we cooked and when you cook it it definitely
changes like the property of the gum because gum is supposed to be sticky and
stretchy and all the ones that we cooked are not sticky and stretchy anymore
whoa that was a pretty good bubble you like that yeah okay guys I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys on my next vlog

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