Can You Do Korean Barbecue Indoors with the Smokeless Charcoal Grill? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Can You Do Korean Barbecue Indoors with the Smokeless Charcoal Grill? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– We’re back and we’re
grilling meat again. I know what you’re thinking. You can leave a comment about that. But it’s the Homping Grill. This is a charcoal table top grill that is supposed to reduce smoking by 90%. Portable, very easy to use. And I’m very skeptical
because with charcoal you shouldn’t really
obviously use it indoors. Because it smokes a lot, the smell, et cetera, et cetera. But if it works, dude that’s amazing. Then that means I can do
Korean barbecue at home with real charcoal indoors. If it doesn’t really work indoors then I don’t see the point of having this just for outdoor use because in that case why does it need to be smokeless? For the whopping price of $200, that wouldn’t really make sense. You could just use a regular grill. Let’s see if it works. You don’t need electricity. It’s battery operated
and that’s for the fan. It’s already pretty
much assembled for you. This is the grill. This is where you put in your charcoal. This is where your fat will drip and live. And it looks like the fan
is inside this device. It’s very very simple. Kind of weird because where
is the smoke actually going? Not sure. All of the marketing around this. The videos and et cetera you see online, they’re using this indoors. But obviously on the manual it says for outdoor use only. And that’s probably because
of liability issues. So this product’s made in Korea. They wanted to build a product that uses charcoal that you can use on your tabletop at home. But we’ll see how it does. Then we’ll put it right in here. All right. And the fan is blowing into the charcoal so the more air that’s
blowing on the charcoal, the hotter the grill is getting. So it’s only controlled element
for the exhaust and the fan. Top on, our grill on. And then let this preheat
before adding our protein. To test this, we’re gonna do burgers ’cause it has a lot of fat so
we wanna test the smoke level. And then we’ll do some Korean barbecue because I feel like this is
built for Korean barbecue. Some salt. A little bit of pepper. Then we’re just gonna go for it. Is it suctioning? I don’t think it’s suctioning. This just seems like a normal grill. But to put that to test, let’s turn the fan lower and see if there’s more smoke happening. And then you turn on the fan. Yeah this is not smokeless. So it reduces it by like 20% maybe. But I wouldn’t say 90%. There needs to be some sort of technology that like really pulls it with an exhaust. Like there needs to be somewhere
where the smoke is going. But I don’t feel it suctioning either. Another concern that I do have is that this outer ring of the grill, it’s not hot at all. So you’re gonna get uneven cooking. The fat from the burger is
dripping onto the charcoal and creating a ton of smoke right now. It’s definitely not delivering
on the smokelessness. So I’m a little bit disappointed. So we’re gonna do the Korean
barbecue and call it a day. And at least I can enjoy some short ribs. The placement where you put the charcoal is just not big enough to add more charcoal in the first place. And if you see we filled the placement to the max with charcoal. And it’s still not that hot. And I hate when you see
little bubbles happening when you’re grilling meat because that just means that it’s boiling. It’s not really searing that well. Just a weird design. I think the only thing that
I like about this so far is that it’s cute. It’s really not hot so you
could kind of like walk around. And be like hey, do you
want some Korean barbecue while it’s grilling? Can walk around with the charcoal grill. I wouldn’t recommend
doing this at home though. Because, it’s still charcoal in there. With a normal charcoal grill, there’s normal like a lever on the bottom where all the dust falls out of and you can like kind of help it. But with this, you have
to take the top off, then remove all the charcoal, and then remove all that dust. And then put it back in. It’s just a lot of work for something that’s so simple. I’m gonna have a bite but
it really doesn’t matter because I’m not the biggest fan of this. But that’s good, yummy. I can’t see why this is necessary over a regular charcoal grill. You should not use this indoors at all so the manual was right. Do not use this indoors. It’s completely smoky. So this is the second
Korean barbecue product that I’ve tried testing
and as much as I want it to work it just fell so
short and I’m really sad. So my hunt continues for the best indoor Korean barbecue product. Let me know in the comments. Maybe you guys know what
the best indoor grilling product is. Thanks for watching guys. ‘Til the next product click here.

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  1. I'm angry seeing a boneless short rib and the shirt rib is in successful small piece making it impossible to taste the real taste and texture of the meat.

  2. This grill is the exact same grill sold by Ricardo, a well known tv chef here in Quebec

  3. complete combustion with sufficient air should produce minimal to no smoke. that being said, since fat doesnt combust that easily.. there will be some smoke.

  4. I could see that little grill be useful for camping. I would say for a picnic, but I'm sure having a grill with lit charcoals may be an issue in a park.
    Edit: Or, even, if you have a very small balcony/patio where you wouldn't be able to fit a larger, typical grill.

  5. If you want indoor Korean BBQ and don't have a gas stove, the Orange and Deluxe electric grills from Livart are decent.

  6. I want one because I love grilled food, I live in an apartment and have a balcony and im afraid to grill on a real grill. I definitely plan on using it on my balcony. That walk around part had me cracking up!

  7. Everyone is now dumber for having listened to you. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  8. Make sure ur open all the windows, doors, all the exhaust fans, use it right under smoke alarm with carbon monoxide detector.

  9. Try the Power Smokeless Grill. I have one, and it does a good job sucking the smoke down. But, be aware that there are a couple different versions. The one most commonly sold is a 1200 watt version, which doesn't get hot enough. The one I bought is a 1500 watt version and it does a great job at searing/grilling.

  10. traditionally, the Japanese have been cooking indoors for a thousand years because of a wood charcoal they developed that is smokeless.

  11. there is not a lot of information on cooking indoors in Japan. And the Japanese using smokeless wood charcoal but high heat.

  12. You used the wrong type of charcoal. These sorts of grills need binchotan (white charcoal) or other similar sorts of charcoal.

  13. You are combining the fat of the meat and the charcoal, that's why the smoke, look for one where the fat does not touch the charcoals. Like this, for example.

  14. I am so looking for a indoor Korean BBQ gadget gizmo etc etc and need to know if you have ever found such? Stove-top or Induction or electric please if any. #HELP #YOUREAWESOMEBYTHEWAY

  15. poor you guy. Do you had read the instruction who recommand to install you charcoal under your stove vent. It is just logic

  16. Not sure what the best product for grilling is. I am still looking myself. I do however, have a few tips and suggestions. I watching another very similar style grill & they say to add water (or a flavored liquid for flavor) to the fat drip area (the area around where the charcoals are), & that will make the grill smokeless. Also, there are a number of other similar style grills that I am looking at & considering getting. They might be better than the one you just demoed, though I personally have not used any of them. They are the Lotus Grill, Kool Grill, & the AirLight Grill (amongst others). Let me know what you think.

  17. In Korea, they use a different type of charcoal. They use the real wood charcoal instead of US version of bracket. I think it is designed to use Korean charcoal, that's why. I'm using this grill outside, and it sells a lid, which is wonderful for a small family. Also, fan below is must. So turn on the fan to adjust the tempurature. We love grill on this. We own total three of this, and always use them.

  18. I have one of these grills for my apartment balcony, and it is amazing!!! I can grill with no worries 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  19. It seems to work as a rocket grill, forcing oxygen into the charcoal. It reduces smoke by about 30% from more complete burning if its done properly but it seems like the fan simply isn't good enough. Nice idea but bad execution.

  20. Hey Eater and Esther try and review this one please
    Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill


  22. Can a laser get rid of grill smoke.
    Can the ventilation should be 40cm. over the grill like a 👒design that has like 2legs? 😇👽👹

  23. Cooking delicious meal never been so easy and fun! I just discovered Vremi Pre-Season Pan and it is amazing. It fries perfectly, fast, tasty, not burning, meat, fish, veggie become delicious! Totally love it and recommend to everyone!

  24. Other comments mentioned smokeless long burn charcoals which are not readily available at the local stores. The box should've mentioned to use a specific type charcoal.

  25. Obviously the fan just only to blow your fiery coals. To save your kitchen from smelly smokes, just relocate your homping set under the cooking hood behind you and start it on.

  26. The only benefit I could see is, the fats not falling onto the coals that creating more smoke, and I think the grill is a non-sticky type piece maybe.

  27. You used the wrong charcoal. Pok pok buttons way hotter (less smoke) and way longer. You did this review not knowing anything about what you're talking about.

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