Can you play a CHOCOLATE record? How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to how to cook that I’m Ann Reardon and today We are attempting to make a vinyl record out of chocolate and to see if it can actually play music now Why would I even think that that would be possible? Well six years ago a baker called Ben Milne produced a chocolate record for friends of his in the Scottish band Found and they even recorded their album in his bakery The next year Breakbots did the same thing with a limited edition chocolate record. There was only 120 of them available. So let’s give this a go and see if we can get it to work at home Starting with a huge cake pan. I’m just gonna put some BlueTEC in the center and push down a record now I picked this one up at a thrift store I don’t suggest you do this with your best vinyls because it might damage the label on them. Pour in some reusable food grade molding gel and this stuff just melts in the microwave and it gets all those little details, so spread that everywhere, and then we’re going to need to bang that on the counter to get rid of any air bubbles from the surface of the record we don’t want any air bubbles left there Alternatively if you don’t have a cake tin you could try just pouring it over the top of the record on the counter But obviously then you can’t bang it to get out the air bubbles Once it’s set you can peel the mold off the record Oh dear this one has ripped the top off the label on this one But if you look closely you can also see all the lines from the record have been molded so that’s a good sign Let’s peel off the other one Or the label on this one seems pretty safe it survived. Well. Maybe because that one had a glossy surface Okay, now. It’s time to fill them with chocolate I’m going to use compound chocolate for this one But as you can see it’s quite thick when it’s melted so I’m not sure if it’s gonna get into all those little grooves But we’ll bang it on the bench anyway Just to smooth it out and get rid of the bubbles and then let that set. Once it’s set you can of course just peel off the silicon mold and gross we have some of that cardboard from the label in our chocolate Nevermind we’ll still be able to see if it plays Now it doesn’t look very detailed to me, but I guess we’ll see if it works I need to break off all the little bits around the edge first or it’s not gonna fit in my record player okay, the moment of truth ah It doesn’t work It just scratches the surface of the chocolate the grooves in it are not deep enough to hold the needle in place so it’s just sliding across and just digging into the chocolate as it goes That is not good. Hmmm… Attempt number two let’s try our other mold I’m gonna put it flat onto a lined tray like that and instead of using compound chocolate I’m going to use a real chocolate instead. Real chocolate contains cocoa butter, and it has to be tempered if you want it to set at room temperature so I’ll link you to my video below that shows different ways that you can temporarily link it to that at the end Now see how it is quite a bit thinner than the compound chocolate was so hopefully that’s going to get into all those little Grooves for a record to work the needle sits in the groove as it goes through those grooves that vibrates according to the pattern that it has there and those vibrations get turned into an electrical signal and amplified in the speakers, so if the groove isn’t deep enough, and if it isn’t accurate enough the whole thing will not work we’re not going to get music. Once that’s it we can just peel that one off as well Well that looks like a record, doesn’t that look cool. That would look nice on a cake on a record player cake or something like that if you just added some oil-based black food coloring to the chocolate so you get that right color Again, I’m just going to break off any extra bits so that it will fit in the record player and then turn a knife in the center to make the hole for the middle part Put it onto the record player and here we go It’s not a hundred percent flat so we can see that now it’s spinning and pop it on [Sratching noises] No, that’s not music either. It didn’t stay in the grooves again. I can hear some music, but then it’s just sliding so I wonder if I hold it still will we get any sound? [More scratching noises] Now again I can hear something, but it’s just not recognizable and it’s scratching the record up as we go. I later found an interview with Ben Milne and he said that he couldn’t get good sound quality so he had to get the original pressing made for it from the manufacturer. So I imagine that they would have needed to have made it just one song and cut the grooves quite a bit deeper and further apart to make this work But I don’t have a record manufacturer that can make me a separate press just for this So let’s just smash that idea If you just want something to go on a cake and not to play you can just color some melted cocoa butter using black oil based food coloring and Spread that around on a disk of chocolate using a paintbrush then print the label on rice paper Using edible ink in your printer and add that to the center and because it’s nearly Christmas Let’s give some stuff away If you’d like to win this Beatles vinyl which I did not cover in silicon gel or if you’d like to win one of my aprons or a t-shirt from the merch store then fill out the link in the description below and fill out the entry form and next week I also have another giveaway for you, and it is going to be huge so make sure you tune in then you can watch more of my stuff here or click here to go to the channel and see all of my videos make it a great week, and I’ll see you on Friday

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